10 best cat pictures with their biography:

cat pictures

Persian cat:

cat pictures

These are the most favorite cats. People like Persian cat pictures. They need daily brushing as they have long hair. Persian cats are known as calm and sensitive animals. They require a very peaceful environment. And because of their physical traits, these are best indoors. Persian cats can also be reserved, they can trust their family members and a few guests whom they feel they can trust.

Maine coon cat:

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Maine coon cats are very playful and gentle but large in size. That cats are great among children and surprisingly with dogs too. It is one of the oldest natural breeds in North America, more specifically in the state of Maine, where it is the official state cat. The Maine Coon is a large and sociable cat. And we also called it by the nickname, “the gentle giant.” 

The Abyssinian cat:

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The Abyssinian is a slender, fine-boned, medium-sized cat. These are the colorful cat breed that has a great personality. Moreover, Abyssinian cats are famous for their playful nature. Contrary to almost all the other ideas concerning the cat, they love to play in the water. The genetic diversity of Abyssinian cats are low.

American shorthair:

cat pictures

The American cat is a very quiet animal. They are a much low maintenance cat. They have a round face and short hair. Male cats are significantly larger than female cats. These cats are not only beautiful, but healthy, easygoing, and affectionate. Their beauty and loving nature came to be valued as much as their rat-catching skills.

Himalayan cat:

cat pictures

Just like Persian cat pictures these cats also have long silky hair. They have a long and much traditional face look. Himalayan cats are active, sharp and surprisingly social. There are many variations in the color of Himalayan cats which are derived from the four basic point colors of the Siamese: Seal, Chocolate, Blue and Lilac.

Domestic cat:

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This is also known as “standard alley cat”. This is not an official cat but still very famous. Almost 95% of the cat in the US is considered domestic. They are found in all sizes as well as in both long and short hair. They groom themselves by licking their fur.

Siberian cat:

cat pictures

Bengal cat:

It is also known as the Siberian forest cat. This mostly found in Russia. They have the semi-cubby body type. Their coat is semi-long and they are found in all patterns. Siberian cats have a delightful personality, affectionate, friendly and energetic. Its weight is from 10 to 20 pounds.

cat pictures

This breed is found in the United States of America. Moreover, their point of origin is Egyptian and Abyssinians. Their hair coat is short. Bengal cat has spotted Roselle and marble patterns. Bengal cat is highly active and highly intelligent. That cat is agile and graceful with a strong, muscular body.

Burmese cat:

The Burmese cat is medium-sized, with a rounded head and an elegant yet well-muscled body. The Burmese cats are more intelligent cats. They are also famous as they look like a dog look they need the attention of their owners or other humans. They could not be left alone for large time.

The exotic shorthair cat:

cat pictures

The exotic cat pictures just look, like the Persian cat in a number of ways. The only thing that is different is their hair is denser and shorter as well. They need proper brushing in a week or twice a week. Definitely, this is low than the recommendation of a Persian cat.

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