10 Best Dog movies of all time.

Who does not like to watch movies? They entertain us, they allow us to enjoy life in an unrealistic way. movies take to a different world. Movies not only entertain us but we also learn a lot by watching movies. Documentaries on real-life events are best for discovering a new perspective, get motivated and enjoy at the same time. A dog is man’s best friend, they have set an example of loyalty & Friendship. If you are not sure if want to own a dog yet these 10 Best Dog Movies of all time will surely convince you. Dogs are faith full animal  if you want to know more about pets visit Upcoming Pet Events in April 2019 in USA.

Red Dog. 2011

“Sometimes you pick your dog and sometimes your dogs pick you” Red Dog Movie.

The inhabitants of Dampier town who work hard and are tough founds a dog. who makes his place within them and won their hearts. The doggy was owned but to nobody particular, until one day he found his master. The dog teaches them all the importance of a generous heart.


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Hatchi ( A True Story)

Based on a true story. A man found a lost dog and slowly they become best friends. Man travel through train & dog welcome him on arriving back to town every day. unfortunately, man dies and the dog kept coming outside the station to welcome his master but he never came back. A dog inspires the whole town through his loyalty and set an example of friendship and bound.


Marley and Me. 2008

Evil with a Dogface. Marley is a mischievous dog, who doesn’t listen to his master, destroy furniture and make a mess everywhere it goes. Yet he managed to make his way to the heart of his family. Marley brings back the family together when they were about to fall apart.




A Dog’s Purpose. 2017

Based on the beloved bestselling novel by W. Bruce Cameron, A Dog’s Purpose is a family entertainment movie that portrays the meaningful purpose of life. One after other life dog’s spirit keeps transforming, & he understands his purpose of spreading smile and help human in their life. This movie has a profound lesson that leaves viewers thoughtful and considered.



Benji. 2018

A young boy rescued a dog from the trashcan without telling her mother. The rescued dog ‘Benji” defended boy and his sister from dangerous kidnappers. Benji helped heal the broken family and become favorite plus gets a new home.


Hotel For Dogs. 2009

Two teenage kids found a place that the world forget about, plus they found a lot of new friends there as well. One thing led to another and they started to make their own Dog Hotel! but they have to keep it as a secret. The movie represents the power of teamwork and struggles teenager goes through that makes this movie an absolute comedy.



The Shaggy Dog. 2006

A workaholic lawyer turns into a dog and can’t control it. He discovers a different perspective of life & sees the things which he was missing out. This transformation re-connects him to his family. Its an amazing comedy movie that teaches the value of family.



Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2. 2011

Beverly Hills is one of the most expensive, unreal places in the world. An over pampered Chihuahua pet that is owned by a businesswoman is lost in Mexico and get a taste of the real world. Chihuahua makes new friends that are street dogs and helped him find his home. In this journey of adventure, the dog learns the true value of friendship.


Shiloh. 1996

An abused dog followed a young boy Marty to his home, the boy insisted to keep the dog but his father didn’t approve and sent the dog to his rightful owner. After Shiloh is abused again, he returns to Marty, who then hides him in the backyard, But when a stray dog attacks and badly hurts Shiloh, Marty needs to turn to his father for help. Shiloh movie represents the courage of a young boy who stands for what he thinks is right. The movie teaches us a lesson that we should stand for our beliefs.


Eight Below. 2006

Based on a true story, Huskies fought for survival against extreme weather. A United State base in Atlantica is about to run their last mission of that season for which they took help from Huskies. while in the mission, some unfortunate events happen and dogs are left alone to fight for their lives. An adventure with a strong bond of friendship between man and dog.



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