21 interesting dog facts that you have experienced before:

No Doubt that Dogs are our best friends. Dogs are known for their sincerity and loyalty. These creatures do a lot for us from serving in the army for our protection to making us felt loved & accompanied. Dogs without a doubt make us proud but here are 21 facts that will make you even more gratified of your Dog.

Headup: Fact No.3, 2 & 1 will make you hug your dog!

Some interesting facts about Dogs:

21. The dog facts are can learn up to 1000 words of human language.

20. Dogs are as sensible as a 2 years toddler.

19. With the right training, your dog will contribute to protecting you & your family as they are more sensitive to danger and can feel the energy of people.

18. Contrasting to the above fact, some dogs like golden retrievers are too friendly with humans that they can even be friends with a burglar who may be trying to rob your home.

 17. Some dogs love to play games like hide & seek, so no worries if you are anti-social just get a dog to play with you & be your friend.

 16. The movement of tail rapidly stiff or upright not a sign of friendliness but excitement.

15. The tail wagging is considered the symbol of a superb dog.

14. A puppy can sleep almost 17-20 hours out of 24 hours & during this period they grow faster.

13. A puppy gains half of its original weight during the first 4 – 5 months, you can calculate your 5 months old puppy weigh and get an estimated adult dog weight. It will help you to keep an eye on your dog’s health.

12. comparing to fact no.13, after 6 months puppies take one or more than one year to gain the other half of their body weight.

Hold on more interesting facts about dogs are below:

11. Greyhound is the fastest breed that can run 44 miles per hour.

10. Husky can withstand cold of -60 degrees F (-51 degrees C).

9. Dogs serve serious jobs in the army. K9 is a breed of German Shepherd that considered the best one to serve.

8. If your dog is licking your feet that mean they are trying to please you or seeking your attention but when it’s licking his own feet means he has some allergic reaction.

7. There are over 340 breeds of dogs around the globe, the number is still expanding due to crossbreeds.

6. According to American kennel club Labrador retriever the most popular breed for a Family Dog.

5. A Dog can easily be trained for using the toilet. If you pay attention to your puppy’s potty training at an early age, your life will be way easier.

4. Dogs are omnivores in nature! that means you got a lot of options in dog food.

3. Your dog can smell your feelings. as we already know that dogs can smell better, they can detect changes in our body natural scent and figure out how we are feeling. shocking! Right?

2. Dogs can hear more. yes!  A dog is better at listening than humans. They can hear from far further and a lot louder. Dogs can easily detect frequency from 67-45000 Hz.

Here’s Fact No.1 that made us smile!

1. Dogs smile too! when they are calm and relaxed, they smile similar to humans.

Let me Know why your Dog is special?

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