5 most beautiful and colorful Parrot species

Birds are the most beautiful creation of nature. We see different colors of birds in our life. For example, parrots look incredible.  In this post, we’ve mentioned some colorful and beautiful parrots with colored features. If you want to see them in blue, parrot, green or purple specifies that are available in different varieties. It is good for the owner to see a different perspective before acceptance. We must know about the nature of the bird so that it fits your home and lifestyle. There are many species of parrots in this world. Some parrot species are in captivity as they’re playful, intelligent and colorful. These species have good communication skills.   

There are different kinds of parrot for the social, intelligent, and fantastic existence of this bird on the plant.  If we talk about its types then parrots have 393 different species in the subtropical and tropical states. It has a high standard and favorite in the USA because they have different sounds and can mimic human speech. Let’s explore 5 types of parrots.

1. Eclectus Parrot

They are available in different varieties like Solomon Island with subcategories. It is originated in captivity. In Solomon Island Eclectus, this bird has a stunning look or appearance and perfect pet quality. It is very difficult to find a parrot of this size. You will never skip Eclectus! It has different features with a unique outline such as feathers of birds that look covered with fur and with day-glow colors. The effect is amazing.  They are dimorphic; males have a bright green color and horn-colored beak with bright red under-wing and squelch of cheerful blue. The females are also stunning red in deep belly and beak in black color. They are native to Indonesia, North Australia, Moluccas, and Solomon Island.

Eclectus Parrot

They eat or consume high-fiber and low-fat diet mainly papaya, pomegranate, flowers, seeds, leaf buds, and figs. That’s why they are called perfect companions. Make sure you have a budget to afford them and buy a cage at the home. If confined then they will be unhappy and restless. By nature they are playful. This type of parrot will chew and destroy some toys that are made of wood. They get activity and plenty of attention so they keep themselves busy. It is important to give training to people or kids on how they can treat or communicate with a parrot. Females are quite territorial in the breeding season. When you keep a pair of males and female then females are bosses. They are susceptible to avian psittacine beak, hypovitaminosis A and polyomavirus and feather disease.

2. Yellow bibbed Lory

The yellow bibbed lorry is about 11 in (28 centimeters) stretched. This has a reddish presentation with black color on the topmost of the head with natural-green parts. These kinds have a yellow diagonal band on a semicircular formed black cover and upper chest on side of its neck. It has dark-grey legs and blue thighs. It has dark grey eye rings and orange-red beak with orange pupils.  This parrot species is monotypic in a Psittaculidae family. It is a very beautiful kind of parrot that belongs to Solomon Island.

Yellow-bibbed lorry has vibrant dark grey legs and blue-green thighs. It has beautiful and extraordinary features. They are kind and sweet birds and as compared to others they have an amazing look, wonderful style and vocabulary. Their natural habit is tropical or subtropical humid sea-level jungles.  These parrots are harsh and shrieking as feeding emits chattering. The aptitude of this bird is harder to breed but it depends on a bird. 

Yellow bibbed Lory

They like to take nectar fruits, pollen, caterpillars, pears, apples, grapes, sultanas, watermelon, banana, flowers, nectar, seeds, kiwifruit, frozen vegetables, corns, and mixed vegetables. These different types of parrot species are vulnerable. They are in small and natural range with preparing the land for agriculture or cleaning as a threat. It means this kind is plentiful in numbers. Its range is limited and can be threatened. It is gorgeously available in bright red with a yellow band and black forehead. These Lories may be found in New Guinea.  Yellow bibs are making good pets, loving, intelligent, cheeky, and playful. These parrots are very active, strong and check if wrong happened. What else you want?

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3. Blue and Yellow Macaw

This kind of parrot is very majestic, brilliant, adorable and popular in birds category. This type is available with a pretty face-bright colored beauty and recognizable birds. These parrots are in demand. Their life span is different like they can live for more than 60 years, 30 years, or above. They enjoy in Central US, northern South America and presented in Puerto Rico. You can see these birds in swamps and rivers and found in savanna when trees are available.

These types’ parrots are seen in Paris (endangered species). The young births are taken from best, some are selected for the trade and some die while protecting their babies. Blue and gold macaw is known as monotypic. They are available in 2 variations. It includes gold and Bolivian blue. They have been bred in the USA since 1934. They are presented in an affordable range.

Blue and Yellow Macaw

This kind is sociable, and intelligent A dedicated, well-informed and responsible parents can adopt them. These are capable of loud vocalization.  It is a perfect choice if you have small kids in flats, flats or houses. They just welcome human beings they have 2 prominent colors as mentioned above. By nature, they are as friendly as a dog. It will be cherished and appreciated by owners and people. We are eating fruit. They need muscle exercise.

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4. Sulphur-crested Cockatoo

It has perfect presentation as “iconic parrots”. This type can live move than 80 years in captivity. This is a large and white color species. It has a different sulfur-yellow crest, rinse on the base of wings. Both male and female sexes are the same. Females have red-brown eyes and males as dark brown eyes. It is noisy. You can handle them properly.  They are found in habitats and human settlements. It can be extended in Tasmania, eastern and northern mainland. These species occur in Aru Island, and New Guinea which is introduced in Indonesia, and New Zealand.

 Sulphur-crested Cockatoo
Sulphur-crested Cockatoo

You can give those seeds, roots, nuts, and berries as a diet. If not feeding then they take small leaves and branches from the tree. It helps them to grow. They love kids and incubate. They live with parents. Its best nest time is 65 days and incubation is of 30 days. Its popularity is increased as they are available in urban areas.  They are powerful when young. You will see them in Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, New Zealand, Western Australia, and smaller islands.  They live in areas like subtropical and tropical rain-forests, in gardens and parks.

5. Bronze Winged parrot

This species is a member of pionus family and popular in aviculture. It has beautiful, adorable, attractive and unique colors. Bronze Winged parrot has an intelligent personality that makes an amazing bird. It is calm and docile, people love to buy and adopt it due to its playful and social Mother Nature. These kinds are perfect if you want to keep your kids busy. These pets need proper attention and high-maintenance. It is a perfect companion at home. Bronze Winged parrot is available in Ecuador, Peru, Columbia, and Venezuela. It is seen in dark forests. Like other birds they also prefer saved and protected areas.

Bronze Winged parrot

They have unique features like hawk-like the beak, stocky body with a short tail.  They are quiet parrot due to this quality. People demand it and love its friendly nature. These birds also take training as they understand to mimic. They are exceptional with unique details like pink chest patch, white chin, etc. It is with a mixture of red, purple, and blue features. It is available in charm combination.

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