5 Tips For Helping Your Cat To Lose Weight

There may be some serious problems with an overweight cat. Their lifespan can be reduced severely, they can hurt themselves as they leap up or down (because of the extra stress on their joints and ligaments), they can have high blood pressure that can cause strokes and heart disease just like in a human being, and they can even develop the feline form of diabetes. Not only that, but a fat cat can’t run, play, or enjoy their lives as much as a slimmer cat. So it’s important to help your cat lose weight if he or she needs to. Here are a few tips on how to do this.

1. Calories

One of the best ways to make sure your feline friend loses weight is a calorie-controlled diet. Everybody – including cats – has an acceptable amount of calories to eat during the day. Men should have more than women (generally), and humans should have more than cats; cats should preferably eat 240 calories a day. If your cat eats more calories than it is healthy for them at the moment, their bodies will not be able to deal with them, and those extra calories will become fat.

There is a simple formula for calculating how many calories your cat will eat – just take its weight (in kg) and multiply it by 30. Once the answer is known, add 70. Multiply this by 0.8 at last. When you cat eat fewer calories, they can lose weight than the amount you come up with. You will reduce your pet’s calorie intake by 15% for healthy weight loss.

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2. Water

When you add water to your pet’s food, you can help keep it hydrated, and it will help fill it more as the food continues to expand. It works best for dry cat food, but if you put it all together, you can do it with wet food.

3. Upgrade To Automatic

If you’re out during the day and want to adjust the routine of your cat to include the idea of having more meals, then the ideal solution might be an automatic cat feeder. This will weigh the seven meals you need and use your cat to the opening tone. This way, once your cat can sleep, your working hours won’t have to control, and that can benefit them a lot.

4. Meat

Including lean meat to the diet of your cat can also benefit them. Meat alone is a bad idea – your cat won’t get all the nutrients from it that he or she wants – but food combined with their other food will actually help them eat healthier and have a more balanced diet. It’s also good for their teeth, helping to stabilize their metabolism. Try to avoid thin and ‘ pet meat ‘ (this appears to be filled with preservatives). Buying a raw neck of chicken will give your cat something to chew on and will last a long time as well.

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5. Try Diet Food

Finally, give your cat a diet instead of the usual diet. This is especially helpful if your cat constantly harasses you with a bowl of food and never seems full. At least with diet food, you can be sure that they will somehow reduce their calorie intake. This may need to be purchased from your vet, and it’s a good idea to find out more about the food.

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