Dog Mom Swag – 5 Ways to Show Off

You may have heard or used the term “dog mom” before.

You may even call yourself one. Loosely defined, a dog mom considers her pup her baby, child, and world. Suppose your dog has organized playdates and unique outfits for the weather. Or that she eats better meals than you do; you may be a dog mom.

And a crucial part of being a dog mom is the swag that comes with the title. Like repping your favorite sports team (but better). It’s key to show the world where your priorities are so, whether your kitchen has a “dog mom” sign above the sink.

You’re out running errands in your tie-dye hoodie that boasts the title, or your dog’s leash is fascinated with the pup’s name. Here are a few ways to show off your identity as a dog mom – and ensure that no one will forget it. 

Go for a Stroll

Ok, duh. Stating the obvious here. The best way to show the world you’re a dog mom (and a stylish one) is to get out into the world with your pup and the apparel that sends the message.

Time to walk the dog? Think of it like running to the grocery store. You don’t need to dress like you’re going on a date or to a job interview. But you want to look stylish and casual, so you’re strolling with your pup in something you’re proud of.

The cute dog is the first easy accessory. The next step? Throw on some dog mom swag when you catch someone walking their pup in a tie-dye hoodie with a dog-related pun or slogan or even one that advocates for a dog-related cause (rescue dogs, for example).

It elevates that person from dog owner to dog mom status. And if you think it sounds overkill, imagine standing, leash in tow, waiting while your dog does her business. The whole scene will look much cuter if your t-shirt says “Pawz.”

Take Advantage of Social Media

Picture this: you have the perfect outfit, from shoes to earrings to the cropped hoodie that tells everyone your dog is your world. Your pup deserves significant outdoor time, and you’re eager to hit the town together.

But a twist in your plans? It’s pouring out. April showers, everybody. That’s where social media comes in, so you can show off that dog mom swag without leaving the house. Fortunately, you can make your spring debut in a few different ways.

Tease them with a Story

An Instagram or even a Facebook story is one of the best ways to give a quick glimpse of what’s to come without giving it all away. It’s brief, up for only 24 hours, and your followers and friends can only see it for a few seconds. It can be a quick snap of your outfit in the mirror, a selfie with your pup, or whatever you feel shows the fit to the world’s best. Give them a little teaser with the story, something that’s not available forever, something that gives just a hint of those spring dog mom fits you’ll be stepping out in when that first sunny day comes around. 

The Instagram Soft Launch

Some people take to Instagram to soft launch a new relationship. Some brands use the platform to soft launch a product. The teaser campaign takes things up from the brief, impermanent story format. It’s a way to tactfully present your spring dog mom swag to your followers without throwing it in their faces. A soft launch consists of carefully curated posts, often a few, so your peers begin to see a pattern, giving glimpses into what’s new in your life. In this case: your revamped dog mom wardrobe. A shot of you drinking coffee in your new tie-dye hoodie, a snap of your dog wearing a tie-dye bandana that (little do your viewers know) matches your outfit, or maybe even a selfie of the two you before heading out to run a rainy day errand. Ease into it – or don’t. Either way, if you can’t get out for a stroll, social media is your best friend for showing off. 

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Buy What’s “In” – But Dog Mom Version

Styles are constantly changing. During the pandemic, masks became a part of our wardrobe. Tie-dye clothing came back as people spent time doing crafts at home.

People started putting stickers all over water bottles and laptops at some point in the past few years. The good news is? All of these things can be dog mom-ified.

Athleisure is in – so throw on a cropped tie-dye hoodie that tells the world you’re a dog mom if you’re looking for cute socks to jazz up your athleisure outfit.

Grab some that send the dog mom message to bring them to another level. Want to stack some necklaces? Find a dog bone-shaped charm. And those big bags everyone is carrying these days? You bet there’s a dog mom version. Not only can you add a little dog mom swag to every outfit this spring, but you can also do it while staying in vogue. 

Be The Match… With Your Pup

Finally, if you want to take things up a notch, get your dog some swag that matches your own. It could be a leash that’s color-coordinated with your outfit.

A sweater to keep your dog warm that goes along with your own, or even something simple like half of a best friends-style necklace charm on her collar (with the other half dangling around your wrist).

With this sort of swag in tow for you and your pup, onlookers will be jealous of the both of you.  Spring is here.

We, and our dogs, are all coming out of winter hibernation. The sun is shining on us as you. For the first time in months, you can casually stroll with the pup without bundling up in as many layers as possible.

So gear up in your tie-dye hoodie and dog mom swag and show the world what you’re all about. From the most stylish athleisure wear to beach towels to charms. When you’re always repping your pup, you’ll be the dog mom we all wish we were.

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