A review on, the Ultimate guide for dog food; better nutrition for dogs

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Food effect animals the same way it affects humans. The right choice in food grantee healthier & happier individuals. High-quality food for your pet can prevent a lot of health problems and make them live longer & better. Here’s an ultimate guide for your dog’s food. The right food not only helps your dog to maintain weight but also provide a shiny coat, & better appetite. Dog lovers Around the world have different choices for their dogs but I will guide you on how to select the right food for your Dog.

The right nutrition is the key to a Long & Healthy Life. A wise dog owner will always be Conscious of the food He/She chose for his/her dog. This process of choosing the right food for your dog can be hectic but don’t worry, I have sorted out a few tips which can make things easy for you.

  • Nutrition Chart.

Making a nutrition chart will take time but believe me it’s all worth it. take time out every weekend and make a meal plan for the coming week. this way you don’t have to decide meals 3 times a day.

  • Always search for the breed. 

All dogs aren’t the same. one must consider good food & bad food for the specific breeds. Research what is best for your dog’s breed.

  • Plan for energy consumption.

One of the most important points that most people ignore is energy consumption. You can buy all kinds of best food with the best formula & approved by vets but if you don’t plan physical activities for your dog than you can’t get good results. make time to take your dog out or maybe you can hire a pet sitter to do so. 

  • Hide Food from dogs!

have you not seen those videos in which pet dog attack pantry & try to eat everything they found? well sometimes that can go out of control and make some serious health problems plus they may poop all-around your house. so DO NOT place food at your dog’s access. 

Dog Food can be very expensive. we recommend to read our article about “things to consider before getting Pet” but not to worry if you already adopted a dog does not know how to budget the expenses, here is some awesome information about deciding dog food in a limited fund.

There are numerous formulas of wet and dry food with different price tags are available in the market. Dog food must contain all basic nutrients which are essential like carbohydrates, vitamins, fats, water, minerals, and proteins. All of these are necessary nutrients & should be included in the daily diet of the dog. Common ingredients of dog foods are mostly beef, chickens, lamb, soybean, and fish meat which provide a primary level of proteins to the dogs. Adult dogs need 1 gram of protein per pound of IDEAL BODY WEIGHT every day & 10%-15% of fats.

 Here are some essential nutrients with details on how much and why nutrients are crucial for a healthy dog.

  1. Protein
  2. Vitamins
  3. Fats
  4. Minerals
  5. Carbohydrates

With this article “the ultimate guide for your dog food” you come to know that:

1: Protein in dog food:

ultimate guide for dog food

• It is a macronutrient that provides energy.
• That is consisting of amino acids which are considered the building block of life.
• Proteins also give strength to nails, skin, bones, hair, and muscles of dogs.
• Dogs must get amino acids from their regular diet for better body structure.
• Proteins are so beneficial for dogs that they can receive energy from it, Even when there is an absence of enough fats and carbohydrates.
• Major sources of proteins for dog food are meats, beans, eggs, lentils & fish.
• The pregnant bitches as well as puppies that start growing need twice proteins than an adult dog requires for its maintenance.

2: Vitamins.

ultimate guide for dog food
  • For the better functioning of body parts vitamins are very important.
  • Vitamins are necessary for boosting the Immune system & for the stability of the nervous system and enabling blood to clot in a dog body.
  • Plants are an immense source of vitamins that show dog-friendly nature.

3: Fats.

ultimate guide for dog food

  • Fats give protection to the internal soft organs
  • Promote the nervous system and essential for the regulation of dog body temperature.
  • Fats are huge sources of energy in dog food, provide double energy than carbohydrates and proteins that’s why a dog parent can’t ignore the amount of Dog’s fat intake
  • The better amount of fats is supplied by Fish oil, Hempseed, Low mercury fish and plant oil too. 

4: Minerals in dog food.

ultimate guide for dog food

After reading this article “the ultimate guide for your dog food” you will be able to make a food chart for your dog like a pro.

  • Minerals play a significant role in the maintenance of metabolic function.
  • These are much more important for the nourishment of puppies than adult dogs. 
  •  Both micro and macro minerals are essential for the dog body. 
  • Calcium to maintain healthy bones & can be found in bone meal, fish, beans.
  • A low phosphorus diet must be maintained to minimize the chances of kidney disease.
  • Magnesium is a good nutrient for dogs with muscle tension. 
  • Dogs are hyperactive and play a lot a good amount of magnesium will relieve muscle pain and calm your dog down.
  • Lettuce, Kale& Spinach all are fine for dogs but if your dog does not like eating green vegetables than you can head to get dog supplements. 
  • Sodium and chloride are also important to maintain blood cells.

5: carbohydrates in dog food.

ultimate guide for dog food
  • Through this article “Ultimate guide for your dog food” I am trying to help dog Parents who are experiencing trouble for selecting food for their dogs & do not have enough knowledge about their pet dog’s health. 
  • Carbohydrates are a vital part of the living body (for example a DOG).
  • These supply a sufficient amount of glucose to the dog body.
  • Maintain sugar Level
  • Although a lot of carbohydrates are required for a dog’s body. Yet its absence can create some bad effects.
  • Carbohydrates can be sourced through Plants & Grains.

Here it can be concluded that a dog’s diet is as important as ours & we must take care of what we are serving them. Our pets depend on us for their needs & we all should be responsible enough to make the right decisions. We (me & you) Must stay conscious to provide a suitable diet for our Dogs.

I can say, each nutrient is necessary for the active body. In This Article “the Ultimate guide for dog food” I tried to make this science of dog’s food easy for you people & I hope this helped you in getting the right food for your lovely pet.

So that was all for today. I will see you next time with another article. let me know in the comments if it helped you & make sure to share it with your friends who have dogs.

Please let us know what else you want to hear from us.

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