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African Grey Parrots: Their Lifespan And Personality Facts

In this article, we will bring for you the new species of the parrots African Grey Parrots and their lifespan. This article will help you to enhance your knowledge regarding the parrots like African Grey Parrots etc. We will give a brief knowledge about these parrots like where they live, their origin and many interesting other facts. It will also give you guidance about how you can keep African Grey Parrots as Pets.

African Grey Parrots Origin

African Grey Parrot is one of the most famous species of the Grey Parrots. These parrots are highly intelligent and wonderful birds. They are very loyal to their owners.  African Grey Parrot requires a serious commitment and is great lifelong companions. These parrots are in some areas of Africa like Angola, Cameroon, The Congo, Ghana, and Kenya. You can find this species inside a range from Kenya to the eastern part of the Ivory Coast.

Physical Appearance Of African Grey Parrots

The Lifespan of African Grey Parrot is between 50 to 70 years but if you as an owner kept them happy and healthy their lifespan may go beyond 70 years. The average size of these parrots is around 35 cm. The weight of these parrots is 14oz and the length is 13 inches.

How Diet Can Effect The Lifespan Of The African Grey Parrots

Here we will discuss another factor that can affect the life span of these parrots is the diet plan and the Malnutrition. You as an owner may feed them improper diets, which lead to them either getting too much of something they don’t need, not enough of something they do, or even both.

Normally an African grey parrot consumes a wide variety of seeds, nuts, fruits, berries, and vegetables. The seed-based diets are not sufficient for your parrot’s health and can lead to vitamin A deficiency, calcium deficiency, and hypocalcemia.

An unbalanced or irregular diet can cause or exacerbate reproductive disorders, feather problems, and infection for your African Grey Parrot and his lifespan can be highly effective through these things.

Personality Traits

If you keep African Grey Parrots as a pet it will bring you a lot of joy and happiness. You will never feel low and bored. These Parrots are loving, playful, have the intelligence level of up to a five-year-old with the temperament of a two-year-old, and bring joy and laughter into the lives of all who have the pleasure of knowing one. African Grey Parrot is the most preferred parrot as pets. They are known as the most talkative bird as a pet. By birth, they have the ability to learn and copy the words and different sounds.

Sub Species Of African Grey Parrots

The African Gray Parrot is a species of Psittacidae and it is native to the Western and Central African rainforest. It is a medium-sized parrot. The most distinctive features are its gray feathers with white markings around the eyes and black bleak. 

Two main Sub Species of the African Grey Parrots.

  • Congo African Grey Parrot
  • Timneh African Grey

1.Congo African Grey Parrots

The most popular type of African Grey Parrots is the Congo Parrot. As their name suggests the general body color is various shades of pastel or slate gray and their chest and head feathers have white edging resulting in a scalloped effect, while the wing and feathers are darker with very dark primary coverts.  The tail is bright red.  Their beak, upper and lower mandibles, is black. 

2. Timneh African Grey

The second major type of African Grey Parrot is the Timneh Grey Parrot. The Timneh African grey originates from a smaller area in Africa that includes Liberia and the Ivory Coast region. Timneh greys are a noticeably deeper shade of grey then the Congo. The feathers on its head, back, and upper chest are a darker grey, and a distinct “V” shape of dark feathers lay over a lighter shade of grey on the abdomen. 

Here are some important and interesting facts about African Parrots. More updates you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter. You can also visit our Pet Shop if you have a desire to keep parrots as pets.

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