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Alaskan Husky Vs Siberian Husky means there must be some points of differences regarding their physical characteristics or any other aspects. What is actually the Alaskan Husky and Siberian Husky? This article will solve your problem if you really can not understand what is the best option for you? So let start exploring each point of difference step by step.

Alaskan Husky Vs Siberian Husky At Glance

If you are fond of dogs and really like the dogs especially the huskies. You must be very surprised to know about Alaskan Husky and Siberian Husky. This means there are some dissimilarities between them.

In the early times, huskies were used as working dogs. These dogs were used for pulling sleds and skis for ages and both huskies were well-known for their stamina and their energy. Normally Alaskan Huskies were not considered as a separate breed from Siberian husky.

In the comparison of Alaskan Vs Siberian, Alaskan Husky breed is a general category. Racing is the main purpose of this breed. Since racing is the main purpose of producing this mix breed so the appearance is not our top concern. As Alaskan Huskies are not pure breeds so they cannot register and do not compete in shows.

Whereas Siberian is a purebred dog while talking about Alaskan Husky and Siberian Husky. Siberian Husky is a northern breed and normally known as the oldest dog breed. As this dog breed is a purebred dog so they are also registered dogs and can compete for the pet shows.

1. Appearance – Alaskan Husky Vs Siberian Husky

With a naive look, both Alaskan Husky and Siberian Husky look similar because both dog breeds have giant looks. In actual Siberian Husky is smaller than the Alaskan Husky.

In the comparison of Alaskan and Siberian Husky, the size of the Alaskan huskies is 26 inches or 66 cm in the height. While talking about the Siberian Husky, its height is 23.5 inches or 60 cm.

1. Eye Colors

In Alaskan Husky Vs Siberian Husky, there is another difference between them which is the eye color. Alaskan Husky has only brown eyes while Siberian Husky has the eye colors of brown, blue or one of both.

2. Coat Colors

While we have Alaskan Husky Vs Siberian Husky, the coat color of both breed are same with a white body and black color face and black, grey, sable brown and red spots on the whole body.


2. Personality Profile – Alaskan Husky Vs Siberian Husky

The majority of the people think that Alaskan Husky and Siberian Husky does not differ. Both breeds are similar but there are some differences between their personality profiles.

1. Temperament

In the Alaskan Vs Siberian, the Alaskan huskies are very devoted, playful, affectionate and extremely dignified.

While Siberian husky is very alert, outgoing, gentle and extremely friendly.


3. Lifespan – Alsakan Husky Vs Siberian Husky

The average lifespan of the Alaskan Husky is 10 -12 years whereas the average lifespan of Siberian Husky is 10 – 15 years.

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4. Physical Capacity – Alaskan Husky Vs Siberian Husky

Alaskan Huskies have great endurance capacities as compared to the Siberian Huskies. Alaskan Husky can survive and go farther due to his great endurance capacity. Moreover, these dogs are mostly preferred for long distanced races. On the other hand, Siberian Husky can use only use for short distance races.


5. Grooming And Shedding of Alaskan Husky Vs Siberian Husky

Both dogs are designed to survive in the extreme cold and freezy weather.  Normally Siberian Husky has a double coat with medium length hair. Their topcoat is straight and their second layer of the coat is dense. The thick coat that keeps them warm in the winter is also shed in the spring and autumn. But, they tend to shed less in cooler climates. Brush them at least once a week during the year and days when they are shedding.

Alaskan Husky also has a dense double coat. Their topcoat is thick and coarse and known as the guard coat. Their undercoat is one inch thick, is oily and woolly and designed to keep them warm and repel wetness. Alaskan Husky sheds twice yearly and their hair can fall out in clumps.


6. Health Issues – Alaskan Husky Vs Siberian Husky

Both types of Huskies are prone to progressive retinal atrophy, hypothyroidism, skin problems, and hereditary deafness.

However, one hereditary condition which affects Alaskan Husky dogs, but not Siberians, is Alaskan Husky Encephalopathy (AHE). AHE is an incurable brain disease that presents in puppies and causes neurological issues due to the dog’s inability to properly process thiamine received from food.

Here we have done a deep discussion about Alaskan Husky as well as Siberian Husky. Alaskan Husky and Siberian husky both have similar looks but some differences also there between them. To know more about these breeds you can follow us on Facebook and give your feedback on our Twitter and you can also subscribe our Pinterest account as well

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