Are Hedgehogs Good As A Pet?

Very anciently, Hedgehogs were living in Africa and consider very wild animals. Normally people scared of hedgehogs. Because they had a mindset of getting spooky regarding hedgehogs. But with the passage of many pieces of research and experiments reveal that hedgehogs can also be a good pet. Hedgehogs are night-loving pets. The most prevailing species of the hedgehog is white-bellied. You can find this species of hedgehogs in Africa. Generally, this species is known as an African Pygmy hedgehog. The domestication of hedgehogs was started in the early 1980s in the United States.

Hedgehogs as Pets are quite active and diverting pets with low maintenance costs. Hedgehogs like full attention because they cannot bear any other hedgehogs with themselves. This pet normally likes to eat bugs, plants, and roots. Its diet can be complemented with mealworms, crickets, fruits, and vegetables. They are physically chubby but at the same time, they can run several miles. These pets are normally accommodated in the cage.

For Hedgehogs, it is essential to add external heat sources like an under tank heater or heat bulb for boosting them physically. As they come from the tropical area so they need 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit to survive.

Important Things to know while keeping Hedgehogs As A Pet

1. Find An Accountable Breeder to adopt a hedgehog as a pet:

If any individual is interested in keeping the Hedgehogs as Pet. So that individual must be responsible and accountable. The feeder must have knowledge about the living style and necessities for being normal and happy. Hedgehogs have a life span of four-six years and weight is about one pound. If you treat Hedgehogs as Pets, not as products you will find them very peaceful and loving.

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2. Hedgehogs as a Pet are Sensitive

Any individual will find hedgehogs as pets very sensitive if he/she adopts a tiny baby hedgehog. At an early age, hedgehogs remain sleepy all-day like a little baby. Although he is sleepy all day, you can make him happy if you are behaving gently with him. By nature, he is deeply shy.

3. Hedgehogs as a Pet like unusual scents

Another important thing you must know while keeping Hedgehogs as a Pet, they love to smell different things. Generally, hedgehogs like to smell iron things like quilts and pens, etc.

4. Respect The Nocturnal Schedule of Hedgehogs as a Pet

Normally Hedgehogs as a Pet love to sleep the whole day but they are night-loving pets. So if you want to adopt Hedgehogs as Pet you must understand their nocturnal schedule. At night time they behave actively.

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