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Cat Subscription Box is a gift box or goodies box that you can buy for your cats. These boxes can bring happiness to your cats and your bonding with your cats can become more strong. Cat Subscription box is also called a meow box. You can give these boxes to your cats every month. A lot of items you can add to your subscription boxes, like shipping fun toys and yummy treats.

In Cat Subscription Box you may have the options of cat treats, cat toys, and cat food. Cat treats can be some colourfull edible items and cat treats include some special cats food and you can add different playing tools and gadgets in cat toys.

Different ideas You Can Use in Cat Subscription Box

While thinking about a cat subscription box you can use different ideas. Moreover, you can give the name to your subscription box according to your choice. Here are some ideas about cat subscription boxes.

1. Meowbox

2. Cuddle Crate For Cats

3. KitNipBox

4. Whsikerbox

5. Cat Claws Club

6. Rescue Box

1. Meowbox

Meowbox is an idea you can use in a cat subscription box. In Meowbox, there are many interesting things that your cats like. What the interesting things inside the Meowbox are, cats treats and cats toys. This box can be the perfect substitution for the cat food items. You can assume your Meowbox on monthly basis to be full of 4-6 items ranging from catnip to trendy toys to medications, and you can even substitute cats with a dietary subscription for non-food items. Our favorite section? Meowbox donates a cat’s food to a rescue cat for every box you buy.

2. Cuddle Crate For Cats

If you want to buy a subscription box for your cats, a cuddle crate is the best option for your cats. In the cuddle crate box, your cat will receive some interesting toys like stuff toys and some other food items. If you have more than one cat then a cuddle crate box is the best option in the cat subscription box.

3. KitNipBox As Cat Subscription Box

KitNipBox is also an option you can give your cats a subscription box. Along with toys and some interesting treat for cats these boxes also contain some items related to hygiene and health. The main purpose of this box is to add a high quality of toys, all naturals treats and other fun items to keep your cat healthy and happy.

4. Whiskerbox

Whiskerbox is also another addition in the variety of cat subscription box. The most interesting thing about this box is you can add clothes also if you like to dress up your cats.

5. Cat Claws Club

The most interesting thing about this subscription box is that it is filled with a lot of interesting and innovative toys. This box has a bundle of surprises too. You can think this box include things like cat magnets, cat-shaped ice molds, cat jewelry, etc.

6. Rescue Cat Subscription Box

The most exclusive thing about this box is it does not only surprise your cat with tasty food, cat treats, and toys but also give your cat a shelter that is very helpful weather in summer or winter season.

Here are some varieties and range of boxes that you can give your cats as gifts. Apart from these boxes, you can also buy cat food, treat and toys for your cats. To place the order regarding any cat food, treats and toys you can visit our Pet Shop and feel free to contact us on Facebook and Twitter.

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