Australian Shepherd Husky Mix vs German Shepherd Mix

This article is writing for you to update your knowledge for the German Shepherd Husky mix. Along with we will also add the Australian Shepherd Husky mix. We will also compare these two dog breeds. To which extent these two dog breeds are similar or different?

Australian Shepherd Husky Mix Origin

With the nicknames “Aussie Husky” or “Aussie Siberian,” the Australian Shepherd Husky Mix is a fantastic blend of two dog breeds. This crossbreed was first bred 10 – 15 years ago. This dog breed was developed when there was a crossbreed scenario. Australian Shepherd Husky Mix is as strong as both of its parent breeds. They also have a high intellectual level.

German - Shepherd - Husky -Mix

German Shepherd Husky Mix Origin

We usually call German Shepherds Husky Mix GSD. They are also known as Gerberian Shepesky. Gerberian Shepesky is the short form of this breed. As both parent breeds are intelligent, German Shepherd Huskies Mix is also considered very intelligent and a quick learner.

German - Shepherd - Husky - Mix

Australian Vs. German Shepherd Husky Mix

In this section, we will differentiate two husky mix breeds: German shepherd huskies and Australian Shepherd Husky.

1. Registered With Akc

Talking about the Australian Shepherd and German Shepherd Husky mix, according to the AKC, Australian Shepherd is not a registered dog breed.

Conversely, the German Shepherd Husky mix is a registered dog breed. It is also considered suitable as a family dog if you train them properly.

2. Price of Australian & German Husky Mix

The price of the Australian Shepherd Husky mix lies between $500 to $1000. On the other side, the price of a German Shepherd Mixed with Husky ranges from $750 to $1000. It depicts that somehow German Shepherd Huskies Mix is more expensive.

3. Living Conditions

For a German Shepherd Mixed with a husky, the apartment is suitable. Also, no specific backyard or fenced ground is necessary for the German shepherd Huskies mix. They can easily adjust to a small place.

German - Shepherd - Husky - mix

Further, the temperature tolerance capacity in the German Shepherd Huskies mix is higher. Their temperature tolerance level is 30°F to 80°F.

On the other side, if you want to buy an Australian Shepherd Husky Mix, you should have a yard or a fenced ground. It might be possible for your Australian Shepherd Husky Mix to escape or run away.

Moreover, they can tolerate temperatures from 40°F to 85°F. In other words, they can stay at high temperatures.

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4. Exercise Needs

The Australian Shepherd Husky mix is active and more energetic than the German Shepherd Huskies Mix.

On the other side, the running capacity of the german shepherd huskies mix is 30mph, while the Australian Shepherd Husky Mix can run 25mph.

4. Lifespan

The Australian Shepherd Huskies’ lifespan is more than the German Shepherd & Husky Mix. Australian Shepherd Mixed with husky can approximately live for 12-15 years.

On the other side, German Shepherd Husky live from 10-14 years. This comparison shows that the Australian Shepherd Huskies Mix’s lifespan is more than the German shepherd Huskies Mix.

5. Coat Colors

The coat colors you can find in Australian Shepherd Husky Mix are black, blue merle, red, and red merle.

On the other side, the coat colors of German Shepherd Huskies are Black & Tan, Black & Red, Black & Silver, Blue, Grey, Liver, Sable, and White.

6. Health Issues

German Shepherd Mixed with Husky face more severe health issues than Australian Shepherd Huskies. Cancer and blindness are two severe diseases you can face if you have a German Shepherd Mixed with a Husky.

Also, your German Shepherd Huskies Mix may have digestive and diabetic problems. Conversely, your Australian Shepherd Husky Mix does not have such health issues.


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