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Basset Hound or Whippet Dog Breed Which one is the best pet for you? Among these two which one is the more friendly dog as the pet? Both belong to short-haired dog breeds. We will analyze and check, Apart from being short-haired is there any other commonality among them. Therefore we will take a brief review of both Basset Hound and Whippet Dog breeds.

Basset Hound Dog Breed Initial Background

Basset hound is a breed with short hairs and short legs and belongs to a short-haired dog breed. They were initially found in the sixth century in France and it is originated from the mutation strain that probably a short-legged breed. Initially, people used to keep these dogs for hunting but now this dog is also kept as the pets but these dogs are still used for small hunting games.

Whippet Dog Breed Initial Background

In the comparison of Basset Hound Vs Whippet Dog Breed, the Whippet dog is the medium size. The whippet dog is originated in England. They were developed by the crossing of greyhounds with smaller terriers. You can use Whipped Dog Breed for small haunting activities as well. Using small hunting activities does not mean you can use big hunting tasks because whippet dog is a pet.

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General Appearance – Basset Hound Vs Whippet Dog Breed

In the comparison of these two dog breeds, both breeds are medium-sized dogs. The weight of Basset hounds is almost 12 – 20 kg while the weight of the whippet dogs is almost 25 kg in Males and 23 kg for Females Whippets. The average weight of a Whippet dog is less as compared to the Basset Hounds. Almost 17 kg weight for the whippet dogs and 26 kg weight is for the Basset Hound dog. The height of the whippet dog breed is more as compared to the Basset Hound Dogs. 19 inches for the whippet dogs and 13.5 inches for the Basset Hounds. The Lifespan of the whippet dog is 12 – 15 years while the lifespan of the basset hound is 10 – 12 years.

Other Characteristics – Basset Hound Vs Whippet Dog Breeds

Apart from physical appearance, there are some other important aspects and characteristics on which we can differentiate among these two breeds.

1. Temperament

A whippet dog breed does not interact easily with strangers and they do not interact with unknown persons quickly. They are are very polite with strangers but these dogs are not good watchdogs. You cannot keep them for security purposes because they barked rarely. Whippet dogs can easily stay with other dogs because they are quite peaceful with other dogs but you can not trust them to stay with other small pets like parrots, and other birds, etc. because somehow its hunting ability can be harmful to other pets.

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On the other hand, basset hounds are very friendly as pets and can easily interact and communicate with strangers and other pets. They love to play with the children. Bassets bark more as compared to the whippet dogs and they are serious barkers. Somehow they have also the hunting ability.

2. Training And Maintenence

While in the comparison of the basset hound vs whippet dog breed, basset hound dog breed is a stubborn breed and it is very difficult to train them. These dogs demand your time and patience to get trained to stay as pets in the house. You as a pet owner must have to establish a strong relationship with your basset hounds. If you want him to get friendly with you, you have to spend more time with him.

As far as Maintenance matters, the maintenance cost of the basset dog breed is very high. You have to give food treats and gifts to become friendly with you. They also need the best diet and exercise so you must have a healthy budget for keeping basset hound as pets.

In Basset Hound Vs Whippet Dog Breed, the maintenance cost of the whippet dog breed is low. Their maintenance cost is low due to the smooth and short coat. You can brush them once a week and give them a bath occasionally.

3. Health Issues

The most common health issues with the whippet dog breed are cancer and eye diseases. Autoimmune hemolytic anemia and cataracts are also cause in the reduction of the life of whippet dog breed.

The average lifespan of the basset hound dog breed is 8 to 12 years. Its lifespan can reduce due to Osteochondrosis Dissecans (OCD), gastric torsion, elbow dysplasia, entropion, otitis externa, ectropion, glaucoma, von Willebrand’s Disease, and canine hip dysplasia.

Here are some important characteristics and other aspects on the basis of which we differentiate Basset dog and the whippet dog breed. From the above discussion, we came tot hat conclusion that whippet dog is a more liked breed keep as the pets. If you have any queries regarding these breeds, you can contact us on Facebook and Twitter.

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