Bird species: interesting things that you never know

birds specie


As you are aware, the set of animals that know and able how to fly is known as bird species. They have wings to fly. Birds species also named avian dinosaurs or aves. They are a group of vertebrates that have paws feathers, four-chamber heart, feathers, and white skeleton. There are almost 8700 species of birds in this world. Birds are very essential part to keep the balance of nature. The very first bird is Jurassic archaeopteryx. Whole-body of bird species sheltered with feathers and their paws with scales. Most birds live in nests on trees. Furthermore, some birds like parrot and pigeons also keep in the crate.

Characteristics of birds:

The bird species have common characteristics like laying eggs, features, paws, bipedal (two legs) and beak, etc. The birds are warm-blooded vertebrates; the birds are important part of your ecosystem. They love to live and inhabit in surroundings where they could easily adjust.

Sizes of birds:

The bird species have various sizes. Some birds have very small sizes like 2 inches buzzing bird and some have large sizes up to 2.75 meters like an ostrich. A scientist said through fossils fuel that bird species were emerged from almost 160 million years ago. Duck is also considered an animal the same as a bird if he has a wing.

Close to the environment:

The bird species are very closely related to their environment like they can better predict the weather condition than any other man-made instrument or forecast. They have so much alert inspection and observation that people use them as an indicator of weather conditions. Some old people believe that owl symbolizes the bad weather and peacock represents good weather.


Some bird species are also considered social that they made their communication possible through singing, flying or other action. Their specials breed also live in the hunt group and cooperate in social behavior. In ancient, people use pigeon for delivering their messages from one place to another. Some special breed of parrots also shares his own or other emotions by speaking or talking like human beings. Birds also alert from dangers. sometime.

The bird species increase the beauty of your world. Their chirping and singing give another way to your lives to live. They are also very useful for various tasks in your life. So, you have to love them and try to feed them maybe by placing water in a pot on the upper roof of your house.

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