Can German Shepherd Husky Mix See In The Dark?


Can German Shepherd Husky Mix see in the dark? This is today’s topic. We will also talk about the general concept of dogs’ night vision. What the night vision is? Let’s start our today’s discussion.

Can a German Shepherd Husky Mix see in the dark? How well is the night vision of German Shepherd? Can they see color in the dark? Many pet owners try to explore this thing. Can German Shepherd Husky Mix see in the dark as they see in the day lite? It is very interesting to explore this fact. Why humans are always curious about the other specie. In this article, we will specifically talk about a dog breed named German Shepherd Husky Mix.

Does German Shepherd Husky Mix Has Night Vision?

Not only do German Shepherd Huskies Mix have night vision, but compared to humans, they can see pretty clearly at night. Granted, not as well as cats, but pretty good nonetheless. This is possible thanks to the anatomy of the canine eye: a large pupil and a retina with many light-sensitive cells, also known as rods. Dogs have larger pupils and more rods than humans, which means they can see a lot better than we can at night.



German Shepherd Huskies mix has a secret weapon when it comes to seeing in dark, and the weapon is called tapetum lucidum. This is a reflective part of the eye, which sits right behind the retina, increasing the amount of light in the night time. Tapetum lucidum, reflects light, giving your dog’s retina a second opportunity to register both light and the image itself. In case you were wondering why your dog’s (or cat’s) eyes glow in the dark, it’s thanks to tapetum lucidum, which reflects light outward, making your pet’s eyes glow early in that greenish-yellow light.

So, how well do your German Shepherd Husky Mix see in the dark? While there is no definitive answer to that question, what’s certain is that they see much better than we do. Science tells us that it’s about five times better, however, this does depend on the breed and age of your pet.

Can German Shepherd Husky Mix See Colors?

It is said that German Shepherd Husky Mix dogs are completely colorblind.  While it’s true that dogs cannot see color the way humans do, they don’t see the world in black and white (this is called achromatopsia or total color blindness). Instead, dogs see a limited range of colors – yellows, blues, and grays. Why is this so?

Night vision

Again, it’s all due to the anatomy of the canine eye. While dogs have more of one type of photoreceptors than humans. German shepherd dogs have light-sensitive cells or rods. Also, they have less of another type – cones. The cones are responsible for color perception and are what allows us, humans, to see a wide range of colors. We have three types of cones, whereas dogs have two. This means that their ability to perceive colors is limited, at least when compared to us. In essence, dogs do see the world in colors, but in fewer colors than we do.

So, if dogs see the world in mostly yellows and blues, what about the rest of the colors? The colors we perceive as red, green, orange and so on, do not exist to our furry companions. That said, they do appear on their spectrum, but somewhere on their yellow-to-blue range. That violet, green, yellow, orange and red rainbow you’re seeing? Your dog sees it in dark blue, gray, light yellow, dark yellow and dark grey.

In today’s topic, we discussed the night vision of the dogs, especially for German Shepherd Husky Mix. For more interesting topics, you can visit our Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


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