Cat Brain And Human Brain: What Are The Similarities And Differences?


Cat’s brain is different from the human brain in many aspects. Although, there are many similarities lies between their brains. Usually, cats have high intellectual standards. Researches tell us that a cat’s brain is highly developed. To control emotions humans and cats have some similar sections in the brain. For further details related to the similarities and the differences between a cat and the human brain, keep reading here at PetVet.


1. There are some structural similarities lies between the cat and the human brain. Both the cat and the human brain have grey and white matter. The grey matter has cell bodies and few myelinated axons. Whereas, in contrast to grey matter the white matter has few cell bodies and long-range myelinated axons.

2. Both cat and human brains have all the lobes of the brain. The temporal, occipital, frontal and parietal lobes located within the skull. The frontal lobe is located anteriorly above the eyes within the skull. Whereas, the occipital lobe is located posteriorly in the skull. The parietal lobe is located superiorly and the temporal lobe is located laterally to the parietal lobe.

3. Another similarity between the cat and the human brain is memory. The cat and the human has long and short term memory. Short term memory means to recall something from the recent past. On the other hand, the long term memory is responsible for the storage of information for a longer time period. A recent study says, that cats can remember events that happened up to 16 hours before

4. One more similarity between the cat and the human brain is having neurotransmitters. The neurotransmitters are responsible for conveying information. Cats receive input from the basic five senses (sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch). Then process the data received from these senses like humans.

Differences in cat and human brain

1. There is a difference between the size of the cat and the human brain. The human brain is larger in size than the cat brain. Although, the size does not matter in determining the smartness of the cat and human.

2. The sensory system of the cat is different from humans. The cat whiskers are part of the sensory mechanism. The whiskers are a batch of hair and have roots that are deeply embedded in follicles. These are surrounded by muscle tissue that is rich in sensory nerves connected to the part of the cat’s brain. The whiskers are basically part of the scanning system. By using whiskers for scanning cats can detect objects before physically touching them. The air movement vibrates the whiskers that send a message to the brain.

3. Humans can judge colors better than cats. Humans see better in bright light conditions. On the other hand, cat night vision is better than humans. The reason is the cat has a higher number of rods as compared to humans.

Hence, there are some similarities as well as differences lies between a cat and the human brain. A lot of researches has done to determine these similarities and differences.

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