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In this article, we will discuss the cat litters like non – clumping, crystals, etc. and we will also have a discussion on the pros and cons of both types of cat litter. We will also discuss the about which cat litter is more suitable for which cat breed. This article will also help us to know about the more suitable cat litter according to the weather.

Crystal Cat Litter

Crystal cat litter as the name suggests that it is made of crystals. The major component of the crystals is sodium silicate. The material used in this type of cat litter is highly dehydrated which means it has a strong capacity to absorb the moisture. In other words, it can soak up moisture like a sponge. After getting this crystal cat litter full with moisture and water the silica gel converts into small beads or balls.

Another aspect where the crystal litters are more preferably consider over the non-clumping litter is that the beads are typically much smaller than a conventional clay or wood-based litter.  Also, due to their size and the relatively low density, the beads also are much more lightweight. While many of your traditional cat’s litter’s materials, particularly clay used in this cat litter.

Pros And Cons of The Crystal Cat Litter

In the discussion of non-Clumping Cat litter or Crytal cat litter, here we are going to discuss the pros and cons of the Crystal Cat litter.


1. These cat litters are like crystals and significantly lightweight as compared to the others.

2. For small kitten and older cats, these crystals cat litter is the best option because of its soft surface. The cat’s paws have a softer feeling on the surface of these crystals.

3. The round beads can help combat tracking since there aren’t a lot of ridges to catch on cat hair.


1. Crystals are like beads and some time due to its hard surface these beads can hurt the cats. Especially those cats that have soft body texture.

2. The crystal litter remains lightweight as compared to the other cat litter even if they are getting wet. So being lighter these are kicked around more easily.

3. They do not easily clump.

Non-Clumping Cat Litter

Non-Clumping cat litter in one of the first cat’s litters that are commercially introduced. This is considered the best choice for all cat lovers. Due to its more durable quality, this cat litter is the most preferred cat litter.

Non-clumping cat litter is made from the most absorbent material but this material does clump. The components of this type of cat litter are the Attapulgite, montmorillonite, sepiolite, and calcium bentonite clay. Due to these clays, the non-clumping litter become more popular and the best selling litter.

This cat litter is typically made of clay but there are also some other types of cat litters available such as plant-based alternatives (e.g., pine, corn, wheat, beet pulp, and wood).

Pros And Cons Of Non-Clumping Cat Litter


1. Non-Clumping Cat litters are eco-friendly.

2. This cat litter is made up of all-natural material.

3. Absorb three times more moisture as compared to the clumping clay.

4. Fights odor on a continuous basis.

5. Some of the Non-Clumping Cat litters have motion-activated Fragrance.


1. The non-clumping cat litter allows the cat’s urine to reach the bottom of the box. So you must clean the box after every urine.

2. Due to moisture, the non-clumping litter of cats becomes heavy and some non-clumping litters stick to the litter box which causes the unhygienic.

3. The Non-clumping cat litter is more expensive as compared to the other cat litters.

Here we had some important discussion about the non-clumping cat litter and also see the crystal cat’s litters. To know more about this topic you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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