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Although it seems we didn’t have much of one, summer is coming to an end. If, like me, you do not wait for the coming winter, take a moment to your cats! For many cat owners, letting their feline friends come and leave the house is not possible, so how important is having an outdoor cat shelter? While it is definitely worth looking at adding a cat flap (Microchip cat flaps help solve a lot of problems that normal flaps have), we agree that some cats will have to stay out for long periods of time

If the weather takes a turn for the worse, outdoor cat kennels will provide protection for your animals. We’ll give you more information about the benefits of an outdoor cat shelter with the Outdoor Cat Kennels features. They will definitely prepare you and your cat for the upcoming winter months.


Benefits of an outdoor cat shelter

1. Provides shelter from cold and wet weather

2. Provides shelter from the sun during the summer months

3. If you don’t have a cat flap, you can leave your cat outside.

4. Allows them to wander freely outside but with the security of having to retreat somewhere

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Cat Kennel Features

1. Waterproof and storm resistant

2. Drain hole for easy cleaning

3. No connections for water leakage

4. Resistant to micro-organisms or fungus to ensure hygiene

5. Built of one piece of plastic moulded-No assembly needed

6. Does not rot like wooden kennels for cats

7. Suitable for small dogs

8. Resistant to damage and UV (Ultraviolet)

9. To keep the interior clean, the front roof overhangs and recessed doors

10. The floor panel is raised to keep the shelter warm, dry and comfortable

Outdoor cat kennel is a necessary purchase for any cat who wants to spend a lot of time outdoors. When you bought one for your own cat or have any other questions, please feel free to contact us! You can leave a comment below or chat with us on Facebook or Twitter and as soon as possible we will get back to you.

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