Dog Food Poisoning: A Major Health Concern?

The dog is a very loving, caring and adorable pet in the world. People love to have a dog friend in their home, some for their children and some for their own attraction. It is your responsibility to feed your pet a good and healthy food to prevent it from dog food poisoning. Human food poisoning is the ingestion of food that is polluted with viruses that make us sick. The most common symptoms in humans of food poisoning are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, and abdominal pain all this happens within a few hours after eating some bad offending items. All these kinds of symptoms are the same in dog food poisoning.

Causes of Food Poisoning In Dogs

We need to be aware of what our family members have access to around the home or when they’re outside. There are a few things that can cause dog food poisoning:

1. Garbage and Dead Animals

Most of the dogs eat some expiry things from your home garbage, they found near the house or dead animals like rat or cat between the woods that contain a lot of bacteria and viruses which cause dog food poisoning.

2. Animal Waste

Some dogs eat animal waste because it seems so attractive to them and the result causes dog food poisoning.

3. Undercooked Foods

Sometimes we did not cook well like meat or chicken and our dog is waiting for the piece of meat with his/her greedy tongue, so we just give him/her that uncooked food which causes indigestion and the result will be food poisoning.

What Steps We Need To Take After Food Poisoning

According to the rule, try fasting your dog at least 24 hours until your dog stops doing vomiting but do not give any type of food except water. if your dog condition is better after this process then gives him food but in a very low quantity. make sure you have to give him a soft kind of food like bread which can easily be digested. what if your dog did not stop vomiting after 24 hours then this condition indicates an emergency. you simply take your dog to the nearest emergency clinic.

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