Feral Outdoor Cat Shelter – How Can We Save Our Cats In Winter?

How can we build an outdoor cat shelter? Do I need an outdoor cat shelter? These questions often come into our minds. This article will also guide how we can build the feral outdoor cat shelter? Is the feral outdoor cat shelter keep our cats save in the winter season? All these questions and much more will come under discussion in this article.

Like humans our pets cats need some kind of shelter for them. They also need some outdoor shelters to keep themselves warm in the winter season. Because these cats cannot spend all-time inside the homes. They normally want to stay outside whether it is summer or the winter season. For this purpose, we must need some outdoor cat shelter for our cats.

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Outdoor Cat shelter is like a house we normally build for our cats. We can also build these shelters by ourselves. The material used in the construction of these shelters is easily available in the market.

The following are some of the precautions we must keep in mind while preparing the outdoor cat shelters.

1. Insulating materials are the most important thing you must have to add while constructing the outdoor shelters for the cats. Insulating materials keep your cat warmth and also helpful to increase the comfort level of your cats.

2. Should not use any kind of blanket, Newspaper, and towels while building an outdoor cat shelter.

3. While constructing the outdoor cat shelter, we do not place any eatable thing or any water bowl there.

What is the Feral Outdoor Cat Shelter?

Feral outdoor shelters are those shelter which is normally built for the feral cats. Feral cats are those cats that normally stay alone. These cats normally got feared by humans. These cats are normally like to stay outside. Therefore we have to build the feral outdoor cat shelters specifically.

Feral Outdoor Cat Shelter

Here are some important precautions while constructing the feral outdoor cat shelter.

1. While constructing the outdoor shelters for the cats we must keep in mind the strong insulation of the shelter. Strong insulation is needed to keep her body warm and heated in the winter season. Feral cats are those cats that very effected by the winter season.

2. Minimal air space is required while constructing the feral outdoor cat shelters. Minimal air space means less heat can warmth your cat.

Material Used Inside The Outdoor Cats Shelter – Hay Or Straw?

While talking about what material will be used inside the cat shelters we become confused between two things. This material can be Hay or it can be the Straw.

1. Hay – is the material that is typically used to feed cattle and animals. Hay can absorb the moisture and water so hay cannot be good and comfortable bedding material for your outdoor cat shelters.

2. Straw – is the dry and leftover stock after the harvest of the crops. Straw is the best material for bedding in the outdoor cat shelters.

The major difference between the hay and the straw is their cost and durability. Straw is a less expensive and more durable material as compared to the Hay. Therefore straw is the most commonly and excessively used bedding material in outdo

In the above article, we have provided you some important tips for constructing the outdoor cat shelters and the economic way of constructing these shelters. If you want to know more about this topic you can contact us on Facebook and Twitter.

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