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What is an outdoor cat shelter? Why should we build this? Many other relevant questions came to our minds about the outdoor cat shelter. The main purpose of creating and designing this article is to solve your queries regarding outdoor cat shelters. In this single article, you will find the answer to those queries for which you have to spend a major portion of your precious time searching. And finding the exact answer to your question but before we will provide you with valuable information about this topic. We will start today’s discussion by giving you an overview of the features of the outdoor cat shelter.

While talking about the outdoor shelter for cats, your pats cats cannot stay all the time inside the house. You must have to think, there must be a separate place for them where they can rest and spend quality time. In short, we can say that an outdoor cat shelter for your cat is as much necessary as the food is necessary to live healthily. If you are thinking of having an outdoor shelter for your cats. You must consider some key features before converting your plan into action.

Key Features Of Outdoor Cat Shelter

Here we are going to give you a brief overview of the features of having an outdoor shelter for cats.

  • Measurements & Magnitudes
  • Elements & Materials
  • Weather Resistance
  • Easy Cleaning

1. Measurements & Magnitudes

You have a cat as a pet and you’re worried about where your cat would stay and will do rest. Before constructing an outdoor cat shelter the first and the foremost thing you must keep in your mind is about the measurements of the shelter. The measurements and the magnitudes of your outdoor cat shelter are entirely related to the size of your cats. Take the measurements of your cats including their length and the width as well as the weight. The size of the shelter such that your cat can easily stand, sit and lay down. Too much large-sized shelter is not good for your cat. The large size of the shelter can cause a reduction in the shelter heat.

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Outdoor - Cat - Shelter

2. Elements & Materials

Which elements and materials will be used for the outdoor cat shelter. This decision is not according to your choice. This will totally depend upon the place or location where you want your cat’s outdoor shelter. If you are going to build the shelter in the backyard or in the lawn area then the material must be of wood or some water-resistant. And if you want to build that shelter in some covered or bounded area that you can use fabric but not the complete fabric is good.

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3. Weather Resistance

Normally weather resistance means water resistance but here we are talking about that kind of outdoor cat shelter which resists all types of weather like sunny days, rainy nights and foggy morning, etc. The outdoor cat shelters that resist all the weather conditions must be the best option for your cat. Adding the material of the shelters again the location of your placing the outdoor cat shelters is also a very important aspect.

Outdoor cat Shelter

4. Easy Cleaning

Yes! Easy cleaning should also be the core feature of your outdoor cat shelter. Your outdoor cat shelters should be of that material and installed in that area that can be easily cleaned.

Cleaning the cat shelter is very necessary otherwise it will affect your cat’s health. So always clean and maintain the shelter for your cats.

Frequently Asked Questions About Outdoor Cat Shelter

Here we are going to give the answers to those questions, you normally consider while thinking about the outdoor shelters for your cats.

  • What actually an outdoor cat shelter is?
  • What will be the best bedding material for your outdoor cat shelter?
  • Which element can we use in the outdoor shelters to keep warm?
  • Can we leave our cats outside without the cat shelters?
  • Why should we build or buy an outdoor cat shelter?
1. What Actually An Outdoor Cat Shelter is?

An outdoor cat shelter is a separate place for your cats. As the name suggests that outdoor shelter means it must be outside the house like in the backyard or in the lawn. The basic reason for having the outdoor cat shelters is to keep your cat safe and secure moreover outdoor environment and weather keep your cats more healthy like physically and mentally.

Outdoor - Cat - Shelter
2. What Will Be The Best Bedding Material For Your Outdoor Cat Shelter?

The best bedding material for your outdoor shelter is the straw not hey. Normally people like to use hey in the bedding of the outdoor cat shelter but this will not a good option for your cats. Yes! as compared to the straw hey is less expensive bedding material but it is not a longlasting material for your cat’s shelter.

You can also add towels or blankets in the outdoor cat shelter because these outdoor shelters can be wet or moisturize due to the changing weather conditions. Also, moisturize increase the coldness inside the shelter. Using towels and blankets controls the temperature and keeps your cat warm even in the freezy cold.

3. Which Elements Can We Use In The Outdoor Shelters To Keep Warm?

Normally people having cats remain worried about this matter, which things, they can use to keep the outdoor cat shelter warm. Here the key factor is that element or elements which we can use in these shelters.

Outdoor - Cat - Shelter

Attaching the plastic flap with the shelter will be a good choice to keep warm. The plastic flap keeps your cats as well as the outdoor cat shelters safe from heavy rains, snowfall, and cold freezy weather. Straw must be used for the insulation of the outdoor cat shelters. Using hey in the shelters is not a good choice. Blankets in small pieces can also increase the inside temperature.

4. Can We Leave Our Cats Outside without The Cat Shelters?

If you have a pet cat. You cannot always keep them inside the house. Every pet including cats want some outdoor activities like they want to sit outside in the lawn or backyard but sitting outside without the outdoor cat shelter can be harmful to your cats.

Outdoor - Cat -Shelter
Cat Without Shelter

If you leave them outside without the outdoor cat houses, some feral cats or the neighbor’s pets like dogs can hurt your cats. So if have cats at home, you must construct the outdoor houses.

5. Why Should We Build or Buy Outdoor Cat Shelters?

Last but not least, the important question regarding the outdoor cat’s shelters is to know the reasons for having these shelters. Yes! it is necessary and compulsory to buy and build the outdoor shelters for your cats otherwise you are hurting your cats. These cats cannot stay all the time inside the house and you are not going to spare them outside without the outdoor shelters. So do not let your cat out if you are going to give them an outdoor house.

Built an outdoor shelter for strengthens your relationship with your cats. Your cats remain happy most of the time because they feel the freedom of whether they live inside or they want to stay outside the house.

Here we are summing up our topic with the discussion of telling the main purpose of constructing or buying an outdoor cat shelter for the pets cats. We tried to give the solutions and the answers to the queries and the questions regarding the outdoor shelter. If you have some other queries regarding this topic, you can contact us on Facebook and Twitter. You can also fallow us on Pinterest as well.


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