German Shepherd Husky Mix OR Australian Shepherd?

German Shepherd Husky Mix or Australian Shepherd Which one is best for you as a family pet? In today’s topic, we will discuss some interesting facts and characteristics of these two strong and striking breeds. So let start our today’s discussion.

German Shepherd Husky Mix

This is a strong mixed dog breed that is known for its loyalty. Based on the popularity, this dog is a great choice for fans of the medium and large dog breeds who want an intelligent and dedicated pet for their family especially for kids. Here is detailed information about everything you need to know about the German Shepherd Husky mix.

Australian Shepherd

It is a medium-sized dog breed. They are famous as an athlete as well as a working dog. This dog breed is extremely intelligent and hard-working. As Australian Shepherds are known as herding dogs, the Aussie can perform all types of athletic activities. However, this dog breed also makes an excellent companion dog for high-energy owners.

1. Physical Characteristics

  • German Shepherd Husky Mix 

You cannot be completely sure about the physical appearance of all mixed breeds especially when we talk about and  It is because you are not completely sure about the personalities of their parent breeds.


Apparently, all dog has similar looks and physic, which means that you cannot be able to tell the difference as to whether the Husky is dominant or the German Shepherd. The ears of both breeds are erect with deep ear pockets. Both dogs have an athletic appearance. Both dog breeds have thick, and soft fur.

The weight range of this dog is about 50 to 60 pounds when fully grown. The height is 23 inches. If there are more genes of German Shepherd, then it could be a few inches taller since that breed is a little larger.

  • Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd has also known for his striking coat and dark patches against the lighter background of the same color, giving a sort of marbled appearance. The height of this is 18 –  23 inches from shoulders and the weight range is about 35 to 65 pounds. Talking about the lifespan of this Aussie is  12-15 years.


2. Difference In Coat Colors And Textures

The coat color of your dog will depend on the coat colors of their parents. Many German Shepherd Husky mix dogs have darker coats color. Sometimes darker shades dominate over the lighter shades. This means that your German Shepherd Husky Mix might look like a German Shepherd but have the demeanor of a Husky.

The coat colors of Australian shepherds can have coats of blue merle, red merle, black or red. Avoid purchasing an Australian Shepherd who is primarily white. White coloration is genetically linked to deafness and blindness in this breed. It usually occurs when two merle-colored Aussies are bred together.

3. Health Issues

Here we will talk about the health issues of German Shepherd Husky Mix and the Australian Shepherd. 

Talking about German Shepherd Husky Mix, this dog has the health issues of both of its parent breeds German Shepherd and the Siberian Husky. Many people love to have mixed breed dogs because they are somehow healthier than purebred. This is because the mixed dog has the genes of both parents instead of only one breed.

Hip and elbow dysplasia is very common in German Shepherd Husky Mix because they are so active. They also notice arthritis and other issues with the bones and joints. They are also susceptible to thyroid dysfunctions and epilepsy. Huskies are, however, prone to illnesses that impact their eyes, such as cataracts.


On the other side, the Australian Shepherd dogs who inherit the genes from both parents can be born deaf or blind. These dogs will be mostly white and they are often killed soon get relief from the diseases. While a challenge to raise, this trait does not carry any other health problems. They can have full and healthy lives with the right owners.

With the discussion of the health issues of German Shepherd Husky Mix and the Australian Shepherd, we are nowhere to wind up our today’s topic.

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