German Shepherd Training

German Shepherd can be very brainy or it can be a beast, here are few things that you should keep in mind before starting your German Shepherd Training

A German shepherd is a majestic royal dog breed that can be a beast too.
They are wild, fighters & bleeders by nature yet they are America’s most popular pet Dog. Their loyalty toward their masters is unmatch able. It is not an ideal family dog and does not make friends very easily, but with good training, they can become your best companions. Their are many dog  movies that can taught more about dogs  for this you get to know 10 Best Dog movies.

This breed is such an exciting creature that I can write a whole new book series on German Shepherd, but until i decide to start writing my book here is a comprehensive article as a starter pack.


German Shepherds are medium size dogs. Their intelligent wild nature makes them best to be trained as an army or police dog. It has many breeds and their lineage define their personality traits. K9 is The most intelligent breed (a homophone of “canine”). These dogs are smart enough that if trained properly, they can serve as a “call of duty” dogs.


Buying a German Shepherd.

While buying or adopting this breed you have to invest some time to learn about the breeder. Never buy German Shepherd from a doubtful breeder because of its breed and lineage effect their temper and aggression.



this breed is so free and wild by nature that you have to schedule a time daily to take them for the walk or any physical activity otherwise their exhaustion will turn into aggression and they can get out of your control. For a German Shepherd, you have to arrange some open space and keep them busy or else they will keep running and jumping around your home and keep destroying your home stuff.


German Shepherd Training & Behavior

German Shepherds will require your absolute attention. You may need professional help while deciding training sessions. Do not over or under-train them. Over training can be as dangerous as under training if you provide too many stimulation for your dog in a short period of time, they will be unable to digest too much information this can lead to anxiety and potentially aggressive behavior. on the other hand, your dog’s training must be challenging enough to bring out all of their energy otherwise they will play with your home appliance and chew your furniture.


Importance of Consistency in German Shepherd Training.

Remember the time when you told your friend that your dog is a fast learner, and then you command your dog to do something and it does not fellow? Embarrassing?
well, that’s because you don’t repeat that task enough yet. this is a common mistake most dog owners make. It is not wise to bring a wild creature home and not paying sufficient attention to train them. Don’t worry your dog will learn but it will require a lot of work and consistency.


German Shepherd is Not a “People’s Person”

As I earlier mentioned that it is a royal majestic dog. They are extremely attached to master but they are not “people’s person”. German Shepherd does not make friends easily. In fact, they only care about their master. That’s why it is very important to introduce them to your friends and family. Once they know that there is no danger from the human than they can be easy to carry in public.


Your behavior affects your Dog Behavior.

German Shepherds are intelligent dogs, they notice their surroundings. if you use aggressive behavior or strict training they are most likely to adopt aggressive behavior. you should never shout your Dog. Do not force them. Be polite and friendly to gain your Dog’s confidence.


Beast or Brain?

German Shepherd is not a self-entertainers, a bored German shepherd is an unhappy German shepherd. You have to plan activities which keep them busy otherwise they will become restless and quickly become a beast. To achieve good behavior from your dog, get them to public places once in a while so that they can get used to human around them. They may attack only when feeling under threads.

German Shepherd is proven to be the best loyal dog. Only if you left them untrained, they can turn into a beast. However, it is always protective of his master and family. They are awesome companions. aggressiveness will not occur unless the breeding is poorly matched or they get abused. Animals do not become aggressive just because you approach them

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Every dog has a hero inside!!

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