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A dog training collar, or more commonly referred to as a shock collar, is a form of collar that controls a dog just in case it’s really naughty or stubborn. Think of it as a small cane used to spank a child if he is misbehaving. With the best dog training collar, you can easily tame an unruly dog.

You can also use the following buying guide to help you make your choice.

  • Stimulation Modes
  • Collar Size
  • Distance Range
  • Comfort
  • Price and Brand

1. Stimulation Modes (Intensity)

When buying a dog collar, this is probably the most important factor to think about. The mode of stimulation determines the collar’s strength. The more stimulation types you have, the more intensity control you have.

Most collars typically have three main modes of stimulation: continuous, momentary, and alert. The continuous mode constantly shocks the dog (like an invisible dog fence), the momentary mode sends a brief shock, and the alert mode alerts the dog by vibrating or ringing before the shock.

2. Collar Size

Of course, you must take the thickness of the collar into consideration. The size of the collar depends on your dog’s neck thickness. Let your dog put on a collar and try to fit between your two fingers to calculate this. If the two fingers are able to fit comfortably between the neck and the collar, it is the right size.

After that, when you buy your shock collar, measure the size and use it as a basis. Remember that this determines whether or not the dog is comfortable. That’s why you need to measure properly.

3. Distance Range

The range will determine how far you can reach the dog using the device. Usually, the range of most training collars is 1 mile. This really depends, however, on how far you want your dog to wander without controlling it. We advise you to stick to the minimum.

4. Comfort

In addition to size, the collar material also plays a very important role in comfort. Most of the shock collars are made of nylon, but some are made of leather as well. Although for some dog owners, nylon is generally the first option, not all dogs like nylon collars on them. If this is the case, instead, you should take the leather ones.

5. Price and Brand

The last thing you need to think about is the brand and the size. Because this gadget can “hurt” your dog a little, you want to make sure the dog training collar doesn’t shock your dog too much. The cheaper ones that harm your dog too much or may not have so many control levels.

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That’s why we always recommend buying items from well-known shock collar companies so you can be confident of the health of your dog. You do this, after all, to discipline your dog and not hurt him. You must therefore make sure you buy a strong-quality and secure brand.


Your dog may get a little spooked out by the shock collar; but, if he shows any unruly behavior, a little pain is sufficient to discipline him. Do not think using the shock collar as a form of punishment; rather, it is a form of strengthening.

It is very important to buy the best dog training collar with the highest quality features available. You can monitor how much pain or shock you offer, at least with those features. You do not want your dog to be too scared now, would you?

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