How to Keep Rabbits Warm in the Winter?

As the dark winter days arrive again, as pet owners, we should start planning for the animal’s safety and well-being that live outside during the cold and wet weather. Our weather can be a little unpredictable and helps prepare for extreme temperatures. In particular, the cold and ice are at risk for rabbits. Rabbits live underground in the wild, supplying them with natural protection from the elements. We look at what we can do to help our cute little buddies in the simplest and most cost-effective way, from keeping the rabbits warm in winter to general care for the rabbits, which should be done regularly.

How to keep rabbits warm in the winter?

1. Provide indoor hutch cozy bedroom areas where your rabbits can snuggle. For this purpose carton boxes or pet carriers are an excellent solution. Otherwise, the little hideout from The Pet Express will make your rabbit feel warm and safe.

2. Ensure that inside the hutch there is plenty of fluffy, moist bedding and refresh it regularly. This will also serve as external protection from outside cold and wind.

3. If you have just one rabbit, Consider getting a companion. This will not only avoid loneliness but it will also give extra comfort when they snuggle together on winter days.

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Food and nutrition

1. Encourage the rabbits in their huts to eat more. Because of this, they will be busy for long spells spent inside and help maintain a higher level of body temperature.

2. During the winter months, your rabbits will need to eat more to maintain their body weight and thus maintain their body temperature. Add fresh food every day and fill it up all day if they get through it quickly.

3. Wrap water bottles in bubble wrap or an old sock. This will help stop the frost and prevent icing of the water when the temperature drops day by day.

Things to keep in mind

1. Rabbits don’t hibernate in winter, so to keep their joints healthy and relieve boredom will still need a good level of exercise.

2. Make sure the rabbits have as much access as possible to their enclosure, which you can protect in the same way as the booth from the weather.

3. Nothing can beat the quality time they’re having with you, just make sure this doesn’t change in the winter. If possible, try to spend more time with them because they won’t run so often and might feel lonely.

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