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Stress Free Dog – How to?

You may have probably felt anxiety sometimes. Similarly, your dog can also feel it. But the difference between you and your dog is that you can express and address the root cause of your anxieties. On the other hand, dogs have a more difficult time understanding their anxious feelings. They may display anxiety in many ways, including hair loss, excessive panting, and frequent barking, to name just a few. So in this article, we discuss how you can keep your dog stress-free.

There are several other ways you can help naturally keep your dog’s anxiety at bay, though. But calming treats for dogs are so helpful – these supplements can help treat your dog’s anxious feelings, even when you can’t figure out your pet’s specific anxiety triggers.

1. Exercise: Play Outside and take Walks!

Have you ever felt so anxious that you needed to run, jump, and throw your arms up? Remember the relief you felt when you gave in these moments?

Your dog can feel the same type of relief from physical activity! All that stored energy has to go somewhere. Your dog may typically express their uneasiness via excessive barking or, worse, destructive behaviors like tearing up toilet paper when you’re away at work.

A hyperactive, anxious dog may feel more relaxed, less destructive, and stress-free after a jog to the park or a frisbee session in your backyard. If the weather isn’t ideal for outside play, grab your dog’s favorite toy and provide some indoor entertainment.

Pair frequent exercise with calming treats for dogs to help reduce hyperactivity. 

2. Don’t Forget to Cuddle!

While hyperactive, anxious dogs may need to go out for a run, other antsy pups may be looking for comfort. If you notice your dog shaking or whining and doesn’t flinch when you approach them, they may benefit from a soft blanket and a warm embrace.

This works out well for you and your canine friend (especially if you’re eager to start back up on your favorite Netflix drama). While relaxing with your dog can help on its own to remain stress-free, calming treats for dogs are good to use in advance.

Before you grab the blanket and a television remote, give your dog a serving of your preferred dog-specific calming supplement to help ease the shakes.

3. Keep a Journal of your Dog’s Reactions

It’s hard to find a pattern when it comes to pet anxiety. While you may know obvious facts, such as your dog’s dislike for other four-legged creatures or how the vacuum cleaner sends your pup into a frenzy, sometimes the anxiety appears nowhere.

This is why it’s good to document your pet’s panic episodes. First, buy a journal or notebook, or create a word document on your computer. Then, add the date and document everything you can remember about the situation. Did a loud car go by?

Was your daughter blasting music from her bedroom? Consider minor details that you may not typically notice or notice. After consistently documenting these anxiety episodes, you may notice a pattern in your pet’s panic attacks.

Once you notice a pattern, you can actively work to lessen these occurrences, and better prepare your pet for the more inevitable triggers, which will ultimately help your dog to stay stress-free.

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4. Try out Dog Clothing

Remember that every dog is different; this tip could go either way, depending on your dog’s demeanor. Similar to how we get relief from a weighted blanket, your dog may find comfort in wearing doggy outfits.

The light pressure your dog feels from their t-shirt or onesie may make them feel calmer and more secure. This works similarly to the “blankets and cuddles” method discussed earlier. It’s a good way to keep your dog stress-free.

Conversely, though, your dog may hate the feeling of clothing and instead experience a loss of control, feeling smothered. After reading this article, we recommend you purchase a cheap doggy t-shirt first, just in case your dog has the latter response.

Either way, calming treats for dogs may be good to use before starting your canine fashion show!

5. Look for Reliable and Safe Calming Treats for Dogs

Your dog may benefit from natural supplements that are designed to lessen those uneasy, anxious feelings that your pup is having. There are several supplements for a dog across the market to keep them stress-free. However, it’s important not to view all these options simultaneously. Look for calming treats that are designed specifically for dogs. You’ll also want to ensure that your chosen brand is FDA-registered and certified by the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC).

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