Husky Mix Breeds – The Great Dane Husky Mix


In today’s topic, we will talk about another husky mix breeds known as The Great Dane Husky Mix. We will discuss the important characteristics and personality traits of these husky mix breeds. We will also try to answer that question, is Great Dane Husky Mix good as a family pet? So let start our today’s topic.

The Great Dane Husky Mix

Great Dane husky mix is one of the most common and prefers to adopt husky mix breeds. It can be obtained by mixing two huge dog breeds. These dog breeds are known as Great Dane and Siberian Husky. As both of these parent breeds are huge and big in size. So the size of the Great Dane Husky mix is also very huge and big.

The main purpose to create these husky mix breeds is hunting and are specially bred to hunt down boar, bear, and deer. Hunting was the main purpose behind the breeding of The Great Dane Husky Mix. They are large-sized dogs.

History & Origin

The Siberian Husky, one of the parent breeds of  The Great Dane Husky Mix, is a large-sized working dog breed. Siberian Huskies were originated in north-eastern Siberia, Russia. This dog breed belongs to the Spitz genetic family and was originally bred to pull sleds over long distances rather quickly.

In the 13th–14th centuries, these large boarhounds resembling the Great Dane appear in ancient Greece in frescoes from Tiryns. For many subsequent centuries, these large boarhounds continue to appear throughout Greece.

Great Dane Husky Mix Temperament

Talking about the temperament of both the parent breeds, their temperament is very appreciable. So, it is easy to explain the temperament of the Great Dane Husky Mix. The parent breeds have a great influence on the personality of the Great Dane husky mix. They are loyal by nature and also super active. These Husky Mix Breeds completely know how to protect their families and master. They are very brave and have an aggressive nature. They are short-tempered and moody. Their intelligent mindset makes them very different from others.

Great Dane Husky Mix is a good choice as watchdogs. They bark a lot when they see any offensive thing or person around them. They also bite.


Reasons For Adopting The Great Dane Husky Mix

In this part, we will discuss the reasons for preferring and adopting the Great Dane Husky Mix.

1. They Are Good With Children

Something you must not overlook before adopting any dog as a pet is that how your dog will get along with your kids. Husky mix-breeds tend to be naturally good with children especially if they were socialized early. Great Dane Husky Mix is on the middle-ground in dealing with kids. This husky mix is generally good with kids but can be better if thoroughly trained and socialized.

2. They Are Amazing Mix Dogs

The Great Dane Husky Mix’s parents’ breeds with somewhat different traits make it an exciting mix. If you are up to challenge and want to know what the offspring’s characteristics would be, this mixed breed is for you.

3. They Are Not Physically Active

The Great Dane Husky Mix is a big dog, tends to have a laid-back or placid personality. This balances Husky’s exuberant behavior. It will still need adequate exercise but not much as what the other Husky mixes require.

Reasons For Not Adopting The Great Dane Husky Mix

In this part, we will discuss some reasons for not preferring the Great Dane Husky Mix.

1. They Are Large Dogs

Talking about the Great Dane Husky Mix, they are large and big dogs so they are difficult to keep as pets. They are difficult to handle and maintain. Also very hard to meet their exercise and food requirements.

2. They Are Not With Other Pets

If you have small pets like cats and other small animals and you are thinking of adopting the Great Dane Husky Mix. Then it can be the wrong decision. The Great Dane Husky can be dangerous and harmful for your other small pets.


With the discussion of these points where we discuss some reasons for adopting and not adopting the Great Dane Husky Mix. Overall Great Dane Husky mix is considered a large breed among all husky mix breeds. For more updates, you can visit our Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest as well.

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