PETVET – Pets’ Social Network!

PetVet is a social network related to all our pets, like dogs, cats, ducks, parrots, snakes and any other animal you consider a pet! PetVet helps you to connect with pet owners around the world, exchanging video content, sharing ideas and new experiences regarding your pets. In return, you come to know about other’s experiences. Don’t let your pet feel alone, find its nearby friends!

PetVet is not only giving the opportunity of sharing and exchanging your Pet’s photographs or videos, but it also facilitates you in another interesting way. You, as pet owners, can avail the services of vets through this platform, and it also gives you a way to buy any Pet food, accessories, and gifts more conveniently from our online PetShop.

Why PetVet?

We love animals. They bring happiness every single day of our lives. Every social network can find groups, pages, and communities of animal lovers. So why shouldn’t animals have their social network just like Humans?

Another reason for introducing this concept is that many animals are in shelters and on the roads. Petvet is a platform taking the initiative to help these animals.

We came up with an innovative idea after watching the current scenario where people love animals, enjoy talking, and look forward to them. By creating a network specified for that type of content, we connect all animal lovers in one place, hopefully encouraging those with no pets to foster them to have as many rescued animals as possible in their homes.

Is your only purpose catching up on the latest pet news on social networks? Do you still checking out Facebook pages for animals to see? Well, look no further. PetVet is the right place for those who are fond of their beloved pets.

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PetVet is a team-oriented social platform that keeps pets happy, healthy, and safe. We provide quality veterinary care for pet owners through our nationwide network of Community Clinics and Wellness Centers branches. Without great people that have a passion for pets, we couldn’t do this! Come & join our pet-loving family and see what makes us different from the rest.

Help us get it to happen! Let us help as many animals as possible together!

Get To Know PetVet is the first social network for all our pets. PetVet allows you to connect with Pets owners worldwide, sharing amusing activities, video content, and memories, such as articles, posts, photos, and videos.


How Does It Facilitate You?

PetVet provides you with different facilities as a pet owner and makes your life easy and enjoyable with your pets. If your pet is facing any health problems or you are worried about their food. Don’t Worry! PetVet is always there to provide the answer to your queries.

1. Pets’ Food And Accessories

PetVet welcomed you to come and visit our online Petshop, where you can buy different things for your pets, like toys, food supplements, dog collars, kennels, etc. You can place the order at home and receive your ordered item at the doorstep.

2. Vet’s Services

PetVet is all about the Pets and the expert opinions of the Vets. It provides you with high-quality fitness sessions and comprehensive pet care. PetVet also facilitates you in a situation where your pet has some health problems. You can avail of our online vet services by explaining your pet’s issue or sending photographs of your pet to get the expert’s opinions.

How Does It Work?

Simply register or log in with Facebook or Email account, add your pets and their info, choose what you are interested in, and you’re ready to go! Post content, include yours and other pets, share and make your pet famous! Explore all kinds of pets or funny pet images and moments. Enjoy a place that’s all about pets!




How Can You Help?

There are some great ways you can help us make this project a reality. Get up! Use social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter and tell your family and colleagues about that project. Pets Social Network

Give us your feedback. We love reviews because we are constantly striving to get our amazing users better. After all, we do this for YOU, so tell us what you want to add to the app! Just tell us what you think about the initiative, the benefits, or whatever!

Thanks for the support!

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