Reasons Why German Shepherd Husky Mix Can Be A Good Family Pet

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Owning a dog is a bit like having a child. It is completely different and not really the same, but it is so similar. Both make noises that you’d prefer not to make. Both need to be disciplined in the potty and both excel in ruining the floors with their body issues (fur, slobber, spit-up, drool …). However, both children and dogs are so gentle, sweet and make families so happy. For a family with energetic kids, a German Shepherd Husky mix makes a great dog because the two will become best friends and exhaust each other during the day. Of course, they will also exhaust you too.

They are beautiful dogs with great personalities, and they make great pets. If you have kids, you’re going to want to know why a dog is needed. We have a few good reasons for you, starting with the fact that if you have one, having a second won’t make any difference in your busy life.

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1. German Shepherd Husky Mix is Intelligent

These are very smart dogs. When it comes to their bloodline, they receive the best of both worlds in terms of intelligence, which makes it a highly intelligent animal. German Shepherds are known for their great intellectual worldwide, and huskies are renowned for their hard-working behavior. They are a very loyal breed of dogs who know how to protect and represent the family of which they belong. Shepherds are the largest percentage of police dogs in the world. They are a smart breed of dogs and can easily learn what you’re doing to them. Due to their ability to do the job with ease, huskies are widely used on farms. This makes them great companion dogs because they are intelligent enough to understand that children are not a threat and that they belong to a family.

2. They Respect Their Owner And Protect Them

They are very compassionate and have an attitude of security for their owners. When proper training is given, dogs will love, care and respect their owners, as well as protect them against any external intruders.

3. German Shepherd Husky Mix is Energetic

There are busy children. They enjoy running, playing, jumping, and doing anything that might scare their parents. This hybrid breed of dog is like that. Your children and your dog will have hours of fun and entertainment running around the fenced property and playing together. The children will also provide the dog with a lot of exercises, which is something he will need to be such a strong working animal.

These dogs are likely to be precocious and playful, as well as your children. Keep in mind that these dogs grow bored very quickly without frequent exercise and stimulation and may make it their personal mission to find something and all that the house has to play with as its own. With a dog of this size and its tremendous level of energy, daily training, playtime and free time to run are important – but you already know that since you have children.

4. German Shepherd Husky Mix Can Easily Adapt To Any Lifestyle

One of German Shepherd Husky Mix’s best things is that they can easily adapt to any environment. So no problem with adjusting your day to your dog, your dog can easily adapt to your lifestyle.

The only disadvantage of having a dog of this kind is the shedding. The German Shepherd is a moderate raccoon, but Husky is a huge raccoon. Put them together and you get a dog that needs to be brushed every day to minimize shedding, but you’ll still have to pick up a good vacuum to make sure your house stays neat and clean at all times.

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