Rottweiler Dog: All information about this breed


Rottweiler is a loyal, loving, confident guardian and self assured dog that does not lend itself to instant friendship. The height of the male Rottweiler is from 24-27 inches and female height is from 22-25 inches. The ideal Rottweiler weight is around 95-135 pounds while on the other hand female weight is between 80-100 pounds. This breed of dogs normally expires in between 9-10 years. 

Health and Food

A Rottweiler can grow up with high quality dog food, whether commercially or home based prepared food by consulting with your veterinarian’s approval. Any diet that you are giving to your dog will be appropriate to his age. Some dogs are vulnerable to getting overweight, so you should have to watch your dog’s calories consumption and weight level. Treats can be an important aid during your dog’s training, but giving too many can cause obesity. Clean and fresh water should be available all the time for good health of your dog.

Rottweiler loves to swim, walk and trotting because this breed is muscular and athletic. Neck and jaws of this breed is very strong and in many cases we saw in videos that Rottweiler can easily pull heavy weight up-to 200 kg . This dog has a great learning mind through which it can learn everything very easily. This breed is good in sniffing and tracking things and most of the military agencies used this breed for their protection. This breed must be trained in its young age because of its aggressiveness when this breed grown up then it will be very difficult for you to train this breed.

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Rottweiler medical test

If you have a Rottweiler in your home then this breed need care because this breed is very sensitive according to the American Rottweiler club that dog’s (born after January 1, 2008) have normal hips, normal heart, and normal eyes, only vaccination of this breed is not enough, so it is highly recommended health test before breeding. According to the research of national breed club some of the following medical tests are very important.

1. Hip Evaluation

2. Elbow evaluation

3. Cardiac Exam

4. Ophthalmologist evaluation

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