Some important characteristics of persian cat:

persian cat

A Persian cat is a very old breed. Obviously the reason they called them Persian is that it first come to Europe from Persia at the beginning of the 1600s. The place of their origin not exactly defined yet. One most interesting thing about this breed is the beloved of royals because queen Victoria loves him too. This kind is a very famous breed of cat. To know more breeds read Siberian cat.

Physical appearance:

The Persian cat especially has round eyes and heads. Furthermore, he has thick and long coats. His lover loves his short ears, flat face, and amazing eye color. Apart from this, his nose is nearly flat and short. He is indifferent colors like blue, brown, or white.

Feet and paws:

His strong body has long and round paws along with thick legs. One interesting thing doesn’t like to jump or running or climbing rather he prefers to land on the floor.


Modern kind of this cat breed is short and thick, his size is medium to large. As well as He has a short chunky body. It’s not easy to tell about his body shape as he is plaster by long and thick hairs. But his body is moderately muscular and strong.


His nature is calm and soft. So he is an obedient animal and loves fairly environment. He has a loving nature towards his owner but not so open with an outsider. And Persian cat is somehow not so active animal and likes to sleep in your lap.


This cat breed has some harmful diseases like certain eye and dental diseases. Persian has a flat face, so he faces breathing difficulties.

Persian Coat:

persian cat

First and foremost has a thick hair coat. Its coat of different colors like some has only one color and some have three or more colors. Furthermore, because Persian has long hairs so he should need his hair comb properly daily. This kind of cat should be kept at home to clean his coat. It is also important to choose the best types of pets so read some guidance.

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