The Best Outdoor Dog Kennels For Your Beloved Pooch


If the kennel of your dog is beginning to look at a little weathered and dirty, it might be time to treat your beloved pooch to a warm new cozy shelter outside your home. Great for winter and summer, we stoke a fantastic selection of outdoor dog kennels made from wood and plastic that will provide the perfect place for your dog to relax and shelter from the elements.

The Goodspeed Flat Pack Shiplap Dog Kennel is a dog house with a traditional style. Ideal for positioning in your garden or backyard. The outdoor dog kennels are lined flat for easy transport and clean storage. Built with shiplap boarding to keep the rain and cool breeze at bay. The apex roof allows your dog ample space to stand and move inside, making it feel comfortable and non-restrictive for the time they need to spend outside.

Such new outdoor dog kennels are made from a combination of wood and plastic from recycled materials. The kennel has machined wood look and feel but without the maintenance, it would normally involve. In order to keep looking and smelling as good as fresh. It is simple to install and very easy to clean.

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If you’re looking for a way to shelter your dog outside, but need to be able to move the position to another side of the garden or even to another garden entirely, a dog crate might be a more appropriate option. The little kennel feels safe and secure, with plenty of space inside to sleep comfortably.

Great for putting this self-heating mattress in your new dog kennel, it has a comfortable fleecy cover that can be removed and cleaned. There is no need for batteries or power supply, as thermal filling traps reflect body heat to keep your dog warm and comfortable.

Check at our full range of outdoor dog kennels and run today and treat your dog to a beautiful new spacious kennel, ideal for occasional use or longer-term use if they live outdoors.

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