Things To Memorized Before Buying African Grey Parrots

African Grey Parrots are the most popular parrots as pets and you are also thinking to buy this parrot a lot of things we must consider before buying these African Grey Parrots like Which food items are good to eat for the African Grey Parrots? Which food is not good for your parrot belongs to African species? Which atmosphere is best for its health? We as the pet owner must have full knowledge about ita habits and mood swings. All these things will come under discussion in this article.

African Grey Parrot is one of the most famous species of the Grey Parrots. These parrots are highly intelligent and wonderful birds. They are very loyal to their owners.  African Grey Parrot requires a serious commitment and is great lifelong companions. These parrots are in some areas of Africa like Angola, Cameroon, The Congo, Ghana, and Kenya. You can find this species inside a range from Kenya to the eastern part of the Ivory Coast.

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When we talk about the food and diet of the African Grey Parrot, they are a lot of food items that cannot be toxic and harmful for your parrots. Also, an imbalanced and incomplete diet is a common problem with your pet birds. Now we are going to discuss some food items which cannot be healthy and beneficial for your Parrot’s health.

How Can We Create Strong Bonding With African Grey Parrots?

All birds like African Greys Parrots demand some kind of loving and friendly behavior from you if you are keeping them as pets.

1. Keep your voice low and tempting when you bring your parrot home. A low and calm voice keeps your parrot relaxed. Loud voice and noises could scare your African Grey Parrot.

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2. If you want to hold your parrot in your hands, please take it slow. Sudden movement can terrorize your African Grey Parrots. Create a calm environment to make your bird feel safe. Initiate with a scary impression can make it harder to connect with your bird if they feel threatened, scared, or irritated.

3. Play with your African Grey parrots. This activity will also enrich your relationship and bonding with your parrot. Put some toys in their cage or play some low and soft music and any other related activity will also be very fruitful for you.

Learn To Show Love for Your Parrots

Like every human. Pets animal, as well as birds, demand love and affection from their owner so it is also an important aspect you should follow while keeping an African Grey parrot.

There are several ways through which you show love to your parrots.

1. Make yourself available by sitting nearby when they have out-of-habitat time, but don’t approach them quickly. Let them get used to your presence first. Maybe, after a while, they’ll feel comfortable approaching you.

2. Share your meal with parrots. It will show your love to your African Grey Parrots. While offering a meal to them make sure you are offering such a meal that is healthy for you African Parrots.

3. Special meals and treats are almost favorite for each individual. Offering treats and special homemade meals like baked cookies can be a good gesture towards your friend to show love and friendliness.

Which Food Can Be Healthy For African Grey Parrots?

Here we will discuss some food items that can be healthy for your Parrots. Giving them organic and fresh fruits and vegetables to your besties will be a good choice. Sometimes it is as difficult as to trained little babies for the proper diet.

African Grey Parrots diet

Here we will mention the list of those items that you must keep in mind while preparing the healthy diet plan for your African Grey Parrots.

  • Kale
  • Peas
  • Green Beans
  • Carrots
  • Cucumbers
  • Brocolli

Food That Can Be Toxic For African Grey Parrots

Here we are going to discuss some food items and diets which can bring your parrot up to death condition.

1. Avocado

Excessive preening, lack of appetite, shallow breathing and death can occur after the bird eats avocado. Small amounts of this toxic fruit will cause severe illness, and also cause of death.

2. Salt

Do not give salt or any other salted food item like potatoes, saltine cracker, chips or any related item because these items contain a large amount of sodium which can be toxic for your parrots.

3. Fruits And Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are good and healthy fruit for your African Parrots but remember one thing the fruits and vegetables with seeds and pits can be deadly for your parrots. so remove seeds and pits from fruits and vegetables before giving to your best friend.

4. Contaminated Water

Contaminated means unclean and dirty water. This polluted water can be harmful to your parrots. Your African Grey Parrots need fresh and clean water every day and sometimes twice in a day depending upon how much your water is dirty due to pollution and the waste of your parrot.

Important Tips If Your African Grey Parrots Are Seed Addictors

Does your African Grey Parrots eat only seeds? Don’t worry about this. Here we will give some ideas and tips which will help you to bring your parrots from seeds to vegies and Fruit.

1. If you are giving seeds to your Parrots mix some grated vegetables and fruits with these seeds.

2. While mixing seeds with vegetables and fruits, remember one thing add a small number of fruits and vegetables in their food.

The above article is a complete guide for while adopting the African Grey Parrots. Before adopting this you must follow these important aspects. To know more about these parrots you can contact us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest and also give your feedback in the comment section.

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