Multiple tips to raise a perfect dog by vets:


A perfect dog depends on how his owner makes struggles for him. Millan C. With Peltier MJ. Harmony write a book on dog behavior in which they elaborated that dog should be love and respect. The perfect dog should be well trained and well socialized. To better train your dog you must have to devote a long time for him. A perfect dog makes you and your family happy. Vets also do research and suggest some following tips for raising a perfect dog.

A perfect dog needs your patience and time


To make the perfect dog is not as easy as seen. For raising a well-behaved and well-trained dog demand time. It also takes commitment over a long time. You and your little dog both should have enough time. First of all you should go through your schedule. And conclude if you have enough time for your little dog or puppy. Your dog would also take long time to learn new tricks and things. As a result, you should be hand him patiently.

If your dog is so little, definitely he will not know how to behave well. But when you try to train him he will make you feel happy with his naughty and innocent behaviour. That is helping and positive for you.

Select the dog breed


You have to select dog breed that is suitable to you. If you choose the dog breed that is unsuitable to your personality or environment it create bundle of problems for you. So be careful for it. For instance some dog breed needs a cold climate. If someone lives in warm climate, choose this kind of breed then obviously it would create problems. You must select perfect dog breed according to your local climate. When you are select the dog breed keep in mind its size and sharpness that you could bear. Once you pass through this, you will surely have perfect dog breed.

Dog crate

A dog crate is just a safety to your perfect dog. When your dog would outside or free he eat everything, which he would see. That is feeling very shamefully and bad to see them to do so. Second, to better house train and urine training dog crate is a good thing. For spending most of your dog time at home dog crate is also perfect.

Best dog food


Selection of best food for your dog is a very attentive and essential process to raise a perfect dog. There is a clear difference among human and dog’s energy. Dog has much more energy and activeness than a human you have ever seen. So, you can not feed your dog with human nutrition. Therefore, your dog needs some special nutrient. Dog food must include all essential nutrients and it should fit to your dog. You can select a better food for your dog. The functions in dogs’ body are different as in human body like metabolism. The number of variety of dog food is available in market. For instance dog food Include dry, wet, and grain free, natural food.

Vaccination for your dog


Vaccination is very essential part, to keep your dog healthy. A perfect dog should be free from all diseases. Because no one like to have or interact with an ill dog. As you know that vaccinate your dog is a resistant against diseases. Follow Instructions of your vet and get save your puppy from harmful diseases like distemper, Para influenza and hepatitis etc.



It is the most basic and foremost step for a perfect dog. You have to confirm that your dog builds confident and also take care of your dog’s positive experiences with other dog and people. You should take your little dog outside. Therefore, he get used to with various environment noises and people. Whenever you go for a walk take your dog with you. In this way your dog learns norms and socialized well.

Toilet training


This is the basic feature of a perfect dog. People are fear when they take a puppy to their home about his toilet training. For sort out your problem, your puppy should be trained well. When little dog bark, after wake up, after eating and before goes to sleep, he need to relax himself by going to toilet. These are the times when your dog mostly ready for pee and urine etc. you should make a schedule for your dog and let him go outside for urine on daily basis. You can also do toilet training of your dog and it is much better than outside or open toilet.

Daily routine

Make sure that you have a schedule for your dog. All activities like wake up, eating, urine, sleep or go to outside should be planned on daily routine. As a result, you make your dog the perfect dog. Each and everything should be managed well on routine.

To raise a perfect dog is just like raising your children. Your friend or children may let you alone in hard time, but your dog would never does this. Dog is a very faithful animal and require your attention as you do for your child. So, be careful and loving to your dog to make him perfect one.

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