White Husky Mix Breeds

In today’s topic, we will discuss some of the husky mix-breeds with white coat color. We will discuss their interesting features and characteristics of these white husky mix breeds. So let start our today’s discussion. 

Why White Husky?

Here we will discuss the reasons and the causes of why people prefer the white husky mix breeds. There must be something in white dogs that people love to have white huskies. Most people prefer these white huskies because of their loyalty and their friendly nature. Moreover, these huskies with white coats look very elegant and graceful.

1. German Shepherd Siberian Husky Mix

The White Husky mix was originally used as a sledding dog. Basically, these dogs were used as sledding dogs by Chukchi Tribe.  This tribe lived in Russia and commonly traveled around the Arctic Ocean. As they moved around parts of Asia, they began depending more on their dogs because these white husky mix-breeds are very loyal companions and good as watchdogs. Chukchi people kept Huskies as far back as 3,000 years ago, which makes this breed one of the oldest in the world.

While all Huskies descended from the dogs used by that tribe, the color, and type of dog that you get will depend on its parents. The color white comes from the recessive gene that both parents must-have. You can only get a White Husky if both parents are White Huskies. This will result in a full little of Husky puppies that are pure white. The odds of two-parent dogs having a litter of white puppies if they are not pure white is very rare.

2. Pomeranian Husky

Pomeranian Huskies are another husky mix breeds. Pomeranian Husky can vary widely in appearance. The dog’s size, coat color, and other features are dependent on its parents. Because of this, you can easily get a Pomsky that looks more like a Husky and one that looks more like a Pomeranian in the same litter. It’s also nearly impossible to predict what a Pomsky puppy might look like at maturity.

However, there are a few standards that seem to appear in most Pomskies. Most Pomeranian Huskies will be between 10 and 17 inches high. Most of these dogs weigh from 15 to 30 pounds and have either blue eyes or brown. Given a healthy lifestyle and a happy home life, they usually live from 13 to 15 years.

3. Aussie Siberian

Not to be confused with an Ausky, the Aussie Siberian is a cross of two purebred Australian Shepherd and Siberian Husky. They are dogs that pack some serious energy and can be borderline hyperactive.

One parent was bred to herd all day, while the other was bred to pull sleds for weeks. These husky mix-breeds are highly intelligent, active games, and exercise will lead to a healthy, clever, and highly trainable Husky mix.

Needless to say, small apartments just won’t do. Instead, these dogs need outdoor spaces, preferably large yards, where they can let out their energy. Overall, Aussie Siberians are very sweet dogs that develop a strong sense of loyalty to their families.

4. Pyrenees Husky

The Pyrenees Husky is one of the bigger Husky mix breeds out there, thanks to the grand size of the Pyrenees parent. They may look bulky and tough, but they’re also very gentle dogs that have a sensitive personality.

For this reason, they work well as therapy dogs, though still retaining high energy. In fact, the Pyrenees Husky comes from a line of working dogs. So, they appreciate having the chance to be active with families that love hikes or other activities.

husky mix breeds

There can have hints of stubbornness and a knack for independence in them, which might make dealing with them difficult on occasion. But if you are patient, they are likely to come around with consistent training.

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