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One of the most important things you can do for your dogs health is to choose the right food. Feeding them healthy, nutritious food will give them a longer, happier life with fewer health complications. There are plenty of different dog foods on the market, and each promises the best for your pet, but none has as many benefits as grain-free dog food.

Here are just some of the health benefits that grain-free dog food can provide.

  • Healthier Coat
  • Better Skin
  • Less Gas
  • Fewer Allergies
  • Great For Pregnant Dogs

1. Healthier Coat

If you have noticed that your dog has a thicker, dull coat than ever, this may be due to his diet. It can have an almost immediate effect to turn to grain-free dog food. Experts say this is partly due to the reduction (or complete elimination) of grains and partly to the other healthy ingredients in the food, including those containing plenty of omega fatty acids. The coat of your dog should look brighter and cleaner, which is a symbol of overall health.

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2. Better Skin

As well as a dull coat, itchy, irritated, swollen, and even inflamed skin may be caused by grain in dog food. If left, it can lead to infection and loss of hair. Yet switching to a grain-free diet can help keep your dog’s skin in excellent condition because, while lower in carbohydrates, grain-free food is full of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that work wonders on the skin.

3. Less Gas

Grains cause a terrible smell of gas that can be extremely uncomfortable for your dog, apart from how disgusting it is. It may even be a sign of a few more serious digestive problems. Grain-free dog food reduces the amount of gas ingested by your dog, so it’s easy to tell if there’s a bigger lingering problem.

4. Fewer Allergies

Your dog may be allergic to some common food products, including grain. One of the food allergy’s main symptoms is itchy skin (this is because the immune system works so hard). If your dog is allergic to corn and grains, cutting them out and putting them on wheat-free dog food may help clear up the symptoms.

5. Great For Pregnant Dogs

Pregnancy puts a lot of stress on your dog’s body, and they need to be as healthy as possible – they also need to protect their own health and the health of a number of puppies. It will not work just by feeding your dog more food and giving them less good quality food like grain-free dry dog food. This will provide them with the necessary nutrients and keep them as healthy as possible during and after pregnancy.

Browse our full range of grain-free dog food today to begin to see positive health outcomes for your dog.

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