Top Most Beautiful And Colorful Parrots In The World

In this article, we will briefly discuss the colorful birds we see all around the world, especially colorful parrots. We will disclose some important but interesting facts about the different but colorful parrots. Their lifespan, their personality facts, and their origin will be our center point of discussion.

Parrots and other pet birds are the beautiful and the most colorful creature in this world. You find them pretty much every color of the rainbow, but some who are looking to adopt a new pet bird might be interested in trying to find a very brightly colored feathered friend.

This list reviews the topmost bright-colored pet bird species especially parrots and will give you some great ideas regarding the prettiest and brightest birds in the realm of pet bird species. These beautiful birds and their eye-catching colors will impress you.

List Of Colorful Parrots

Here we will see and explore some species of colorful Parrots

  • Sun Conures
  • African Grey Parrots
  • Macaw
  • Poicephalus
  • Amazon Parrot
  • Pionus

1. Sun Conures

When we talk about colorful birds especially colorful parrots the Sun Conures are one of the most beautiful species of parrots. These beautiful medium-sized parrots combine a rainbow of colors all in one exceptionally gorgeous bird. When these baby parrots turned into adults these birds have a mixture of red, yellow, and orange on their heads, while their bodies display bursts of brilliant green, yellow, olive, blue, and sometimes even deep violet markings on the feathers of their tails.

2. African Grey Parrots

African Grey Parrot is one of the most famous species of the Grey Parrots. These parrots are highly intelligent and wonderful birds and they are very loyal to their owners.  African Grey Parrot requires a serious commitment and is great lifelong companions. These parrots are in some areas of Africa like The Congo, Ghana, and Kenya. The Lifespan of African Grey Parrot is between 50 to 70 years but if you as an owner kept them happy and healthy their lifespan may go beyond 70 years.

Colorful Parrot

3. Macaw – Colorful Parrots

Macaws are known as the giants of the parrot world. Macaw is the longest parrot in the world. These parrots have long tail feathers as well as big feathers. These parrots have a long, streamlined physique. There are 18 living species of macaws, not all commonly get adopted by people. The commonly kept companion macaw species include the blue and gold macaw, green-winged macaw, Hahn’s macaw, scarlet macaw, military macaw, and severe macaw. 

Colorful Parrots

Macaws are informally classified into two groups. Large macaws and mini macaws. The large macaws include those of the AraAnodorhynchus, and Cyanopsitta genera.

Macaws usually live in pairs, and after the nesting season, in family groups. When adult macaws choose mates, they usually stay together until one of them dies and this close relationship is called a pair bond.

4. Poicephalus

Poicephalus parrots are big-boned birds, stockier and most colorful species of parrots than many other parrot species. They have blunt broad tail feathers and large heads. These birds have a reputation for being among the quieter parrot species, and a well-socialized Poicephalus parrot can make an excellent pet companion. 

Colorful Parrot

5. Amazon Colorful Parrots

Amazon parrot is another species of the colorful parrots. They are normally medium-sized parrots native to South America, Mexico, and the Caribbean. They like to eat a variety of 33 different foods throughout the year. Amazon Parrots are striking birds that are found in large varieties of color and they are also one of the most popular options as pets. These birds are highly intelligent, loving and incredibly social birds.

Colorful Parrots

6. Pionus – Colorful Parrots

Pionus is one of the most colorful parrots that you have seen in Mexico and central and south America. These birds are physically chunky and they are best parrots as pets. The Pionus naturally eats mostly fruits, especially guavas. Pet owners should take care to not feed their bird any high-fat foods. 


There are many other colorful species of Parrots you can find all around the world as pets. For more updates, you can contact us on Facebook and Twitter

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