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For your German Shepherd Husky Mix, many things are necessary to keep them happy and healthy. As an owner of the dog, you must keep checking all these things. Everything must be according to your German Shepherd Mixed with Husky’s needs, from their living space to their sleeping place.

This article will specifically discuss the types of sleeping beds you can buy for your dog. So let’s start our today’s topic.

When you bring a German Shepherd Huskies Mix to your home, first, you share your living place with him. After that, they try to occupy your bed. Sharing your living or sitting place can be beneficial to strengthen your relationship. However, sharing your bed with your German Shepherd Mixed with a Husky might warm your heart. We are now discussing different types of beds you can buy for your dog to solve this problem.

Types Of Dog Beds For German Shepherd Husky Mix

As German Shepherd Huskies Mix can vary in size, body, and sleeping style, you first have to figure out all the gestures of sleeping. After that, you should see which dog bed will be the best for your dog.

  • Bolster Bed
  • Standard Dog Bed
  • Kennel Dog Beds
  • Heated Dog Beds
  • Waterproof Dog Beds
  • Travel Dog Beds

1. Bolster Bed

Dog beds with raised walls are called bolster beds. Normally feels comfortable and cuddled on these types of beds. The raised edges of the bolster beds are used as support for their heads.

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2. Standard Dog Beds

Standard dog beds do not have raised edges. They have like pillows and cushions. Normally, these beds are mostly suited to those German Shepherd Husky Mix who like stretch a lot.

3. Kennel Dog Beds

Kennel Dog Beds are flat mattresses. These mattresses are used in Dog kennels or dog crates to protect your GSDs from the floor while they are resting or sleeping. Kennel dog beds are beneficial for you so that you can easily clean these beds.

Dog - kennel - bed

4. Heated Dog Beds

Heated dog beds for your German Shepherd Husky mix are beneficial in cold and freezy weather. For your german shepherd husky, there are two kinds of heated beds.

  • Electric Heated Beds
  • Self-Warming Dog Beds

5. Waterproof Dog Beds

Normally waterproof dog beds have a waterproof base, so waterproof dog beds for your German Shepherd Husky mix can prevent urine from leaking out of bed. This bed also protects your floor from urine.

6. Travel Dog Beds

Travel dog beds are used if you like traveling. These dog beds keep your German Shepherd Husky Mix safe and healthy even during traveling.

Different Parameters For Ideal Dog Beds

Which dog bed should you buy for your german shepherd husky mix? And which aspects must you consider while purchasing a bed? We all discuss these aspects as follows.

1. Size

While selecting a dog bed for your German Shepherd Husky mix, you must consider the size of your dog. Normally manufacturers have the measurements of the beds. Also, they have an idea regarding the measurements and the body size of the German Shepherds Husky Mix, but it will be a good practice if you give proper measurements of your dog to get the exact size of the dog bed.


2. Weight

It is a fact that German Shepherd Husky Mix has high weights so you must check out the bed that can support your dog’s weight.

3. Thickness Of The Dog Bed

The thickness of the bed is significant to support your dog’s weight.

4. Durability

A dog bed made of high-quality materials is supposed to last a GSD’s lifespan. Look for beds that are made of chew and abrasion-resistant materials.  Ballistic nylon, textured nylon, and heavy-duty vinyl are some of the most durable materials for GSD beds. 


5. Cleaning And Maintenence

Selecting a dog bed that can be easy to clean and maintain is also very economical.


Letting your German Shepherd Husky mix sleep on the floor is very unethical and unhealthy. In today’s topic, we have tried to cover all the important aspects of dog beds and their important specifications. For more updates, you can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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