Types of Australian Parrots

Parrots are also known as psittacines. Parrots are very cute loving birds as pets. They also prove a very good and close friend of humans. Parrots are normally found in tropical and subtropical regions. There are generally 375 types of parrots, out of 375 types, 56 types of parrots found in South Australia.

1.Psittacidae (“True” Parrots) – 350 Types Worldwide 40 found in South Australia

2.Cactiuidae (Cockatoos ) – 21 Types Worldwide 14 found in South Australia

Types of Parrots

Here we will discuss the different types of parrots, with attractive colours and names. You might be familiar with a few of them.


Budgerigars are one of the favourite types of parrots and their homeland is South Australia. They have a long tail and usually, they eat seeds. Normally people called them Budgie. They live in the arid parts of the country. Budgies are those types of parrots you most of the time see them in heavy rainy areas with lots of greenery, seedy and grassy. You can find them in the flinder ranges and the northern area of the sate.

2. Rainbow Lorikeet

Rainbow Lorikeet is also very attractive and mostly watch. These types of parrots normally make excellent pets for those who give them good and extra care. Also for those who have more spare time to spend with them. Like all other types of parrots, Rainbow lorikeets like to play with toys.

Unlike other parrots, they eat nectar and flower pollen. If you look inside their tongues they look brushy. Lorikeet owners normally feed them homemade food and also freshly prepared nectar mixes.

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3. Rosella

There are mainly two types of Rosellas in South Australia. One of them is the Eastern Rosella and the other one is the Adelaide Rosella. Rosellas with their vibrant colours and attractive voice of whistles create a charm for you.

Rosellas normally eat grass, tree and shrubs but they also like fruits, berries flowers, nectars and insects. Moreover, you distinguish between male and female among theses family of parrots. The male Rosella has a wider and large head as compared to the female Rosella.

4. Galah

Galah is normally found in Grey and Pink colours. A very attractive species of cockatoo, Galah is a familiar sight in South Australia. In Galah Species of parrots male and, female Galahs can be easily distinguished by their dark Brown eye colour and female with Red to Pinkish eye colour.

5. Australian Ring Neck Parrot

Among different types of parrots, Australian Ring Neck Parrots are the most attractive and colourful parrots. Their body is normally large as compared to the other types of parrots. These parrots like to rest in the sunlight. They like to eat seeds, some the fruits, nectars, insects and their larvas.

6. Red Rumped Parrot

With a light-yellow or green belly and a red rump, this medium-sized parrot is brown. While the males are a brighter orange, although feeding on the ground, the colouring of the birds can provide camouflage in the grass.

Some other type of parrots you may found in South Australia.

  • Yellow-tailed black cockatoo
  • Glossy-black cockatoo
  • Cockatiel

Here are some species of parrots which normally found in South Australia but if you want to buy these parrots, you contact us on Facebook and Twitter.

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