Upcoming Pet Events in USA.

  • Whether it’s a friendly Dog, Cute little naughty Cats, or some exotic bird that repeats everything you say, Pets make our lives better in many ways. Pets not only entertain us, but they are also ultimate companions who make us feel valuable. So, whether you are looking for a new pet, need some veterinary service, or want to spend some time, be fascinated by tropical creatures’ beauty. You must NOT miss these upcoming pet events in the USA.

Doggy Party at the Plaza

Houston, Texas. The USA. April 6, 2019

Are you ready to PARTY??
Well, Who doesn’t like to party? but the party where your pets can participate is double the fun! Mark your Calendar on 6th of April for Family Fun day. You can participate in the costume contest, Rescue Me Parade, shop from vendors or become a vendor yourself.  The 10th Annual Doggy Party on the Plaza will be held in City Center.


Pet Dogs in Costume Contest.


Costume Contest with Pet Dogs.

Colorado Springs Pet Expo

26 -28 April, Colorado Spring. USA.

The Colorado Springs Pets Expo provides the most Pet-friendly environment where owners can also participate in fun activities. this expo is heaven for animal lovers. management arrange different educational sessions and training workshops during the event.


Event Happening.


Rescued Dogs playing


Happy Dog Owner Holding Her Pet Dog


BIRDS!! aren’t Birds our favorite?

There are more than 9000 species of birds in this world and all of them are incredibly fascinating. whether it is Quetzal, Painted bunting or lesser bird from paradise their rainbow-colored feather, charming voice, and their attentive nature make us wonder, be around these exotic Birds will be such an exciting & wonderland adventure, don’t even think about missing following Bird events

All Exotic Birds Show

Orlando USA. April 14, 2019

All Exotic Birds Show not only showcase beautiful birds species but it also brings together a variety of products for a happy and healthy bird from food to cages, supplements to special feeds, toys and more.


Australian parrots


Macaw & umbrella cockatoo

Exotic Bird Mart & Expo 

6 – 7 April Las Vegas

14 April Merced County Fairgrounds

Exotic Bird mart & Expo Rescue birds and provide safe places for birds. This event will Facilitate Buyers and Seller of birds and bird-related accessories. You can socialize with other Bird lovers, make friends and strengthen your business. There will be educational seminars regarding the bird’s health and handling.


Exhibiting Parrots.


Bird Toys in an exhibition.


Bird Toys in an exhibition.

OHPA Bird Fairs.

7 April 2019 Monroeville

This exhibition displays Baby Birds, Rescued Birds, breeder Birds, and all Birds accessories plus feed, experience all of these at the biggest fair in Ohio. There will be education sessions where experts will be answering questions from the audience. There are tones of Rescued animals for adoption too.


Australian Parrots.


Colorful Bird Toys.


Beautiful Parrot breed.


Do you get excited when you hear historicals tales about the dinosaur?
congratulation!! you are a reptile lover.
Reptile mostly has a terrible reputation but they mean no harm. (Most of the Time).

Reptile NY Metro Reptile Expo

White Plains, USA. April 14, 2019.

The NY Reptile Expo is the Northeast’s largest Reptile Expo, with more than 250 vendor and display tables! It is held several times a year at the Westchester County Center in White Plains.
Seeing a diverse variety of reptile can be an overwhelming experience, keep a check on your heartbeat.

pets and Beautiful Snakes

Beautiful Snakes


Eye Capturing Colors in reptiles

pets and Eye Capturing Colors in reptiles

Expo Happening

Repticon Atlanta.

Orlando USA. April 6,2019

Repticon Started in 2007 in which thousands of peoples participated, the success of that show encouraged management to continue the show. Repticon gathers a huge number of vendors,
display a variety of reptiles and thousands of people continue to visit this event every year.

pets and Display of reptile in repticon show.

Display of reptile in repticon show.


  Reptile show enterance

  Reptile show enterance

  Green iguana at Repticon show


5. Pet Food Forum

Kansas City, USA. April 29, 2019.

“Must-attend event for the global pets food and treat industry”
Trade shows are the best because that can provide a huge number of vendors and experts under one roof, it also provides opportunities for small size business so,you can find food and expert advice for your pet’s health and care. it is a three-day trade show loaded with opportunities to meet with industry professionals from all over the world.

                        Participants of Veterinary.

                         Participants of Veterinary.

                        Participants of Veterinary.

                          Participants of Veterinary.

Big Pets

Big Animals like Cow, Camel or Horses are serving humans from ages, these animals kept by the human as work- animal or as a source of food.  The affection and compassion with these animals are even deeper and stronger. Keeping these animals in forms or stable and making enough time to visit them and to take care is a big responsibility, but it’s all worth it.

Equine Affaire

April 11-14, 2019. Columbus, Ohio.

Equine Affaire Columbus is combines everything related to the horse. Educational Programs, Trade Show, Horse Breed Exhibition, and market place. This is such a big event that you can buy all kind of horse accessories, education on handling the horse and watch several shows.

Equine Affaire

                                                                                     Equine Affair event
Happening overview

                           Equine Affair event Happening overview

                                                                                                Horse Show at Event

  Horse Show at Event

                                                                                                              Horse Show.

Its Spring which means blossoming flowers, fresh lush green grass, and clear blue sky. This time of year undoubtedly best to celebrate events. We will keep you updated about all the pet fun events which should not be missed at any cost.

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