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Events and celebrations are very important to us and these events bring happiness and freshness in every individual’s life. The basic purpose of designing and writing this article is to enhance your knowledge regarding your pet events in 2021. We will give you information about the upcoming pet events. Also, this article will comprise the details of the events and you can easily find your relevant event and its details. So let start our today’s topic and what is the most recent upcoming pet event of the year 2021.

1. Pet Fest

Pet Fest is an event arranged for the pet owners and also for your pets. The main purpose of holding this event is to educate the public about pets. It is a day filled with many events, activities and colorful games. This event gives you an opportunity to adopt the pets as well.

Pet events

This year Pet Fest will be held on August 22 At Caras Park in Downtown Missoula on the Clark Fork River.

Pet - Events

The Park Pavilion is home to many popular Missoula events like Missoula’s Out to Lunch, Downtown Tonight, Brewfests and more, including Pet Fest!

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2. Pet Expo

Pet Expo is another pet’s event. This event is held in the month of April. In the year 2020, the Pet Expo will be held from 24 to 26 of April.

Pet - Events

Kids of all ages as well as adults and old age people can attend this expo. Different cat shows, dog’s shows, and birds show held in this expo. You can also adopt the pets from the “Pet Expo”.

Pet - Events

3. Novi Pet Expo

The Suburban Collection Show Place will present its Annual Novi Pet Expo in the month of November. This super&fun family function is the celebration for all of our furry friends.

Pet - Event- In - 2020

The basic purpose of this event is to arrange some recreational games and activities for the pets. These pet events also give you a market place to buy all accessories and luxuries items for your pets.

4. Bow-Wows & Meows Pet Fair

Bow-Wows & Meows Pet fair is one of the biggest and most sensational event. Reason behind honoring these types of pet events is to create awareness for their pets. Last year this pet event was the most happening event in the USA. More than 70 thousand vendors and the suppliers of the pets attended this event.

pet - event

Main Features Of This Event

  • Over 200 LA County Shelter & Rescue animals were available for adoption!
  • Expert canine agility stunts performed by SCV Dog Agility Club
Pet - event

5. National Dog Day

National Dog Day is celebrated from the year 2004. Every year the National Dog Day is held on 26th August. The aim of celebrating this day is to create awareness for homeless dogs.

National -Dog - Day

How can we give shelters to homeless pets? This is a big question in each society. If we are unable to look after our pet dog then where should we leave him? Who else is going to look after him? National Dog Day is holding to accomplish this purpose.

Dog - Event

6. Westminister Dog Show 2021

Westminister Dog Show is one of the most happening and historic events among all kinds of pet events. The 144th annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show brings more than 200 primped breeds and varieties into New York City for the canine Super Bowl, which began Saturday and ends Tuesday night in Madison Square Garden with the naming of this year’s Best in Show.

USA - Event

7. Global Pet Expo

American Pet Association organizes this Global Pet Expo every year. This event was held on 26 & 27 Feb of 2021. The main purpose of this event is to introduce new pets with some innovative styles.

Pet - Show

Around the world showcase the latest and greatest products available for all types of pets including dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, small animals and horses.


In this article, we have tried to give you information about the most occurring and upcoming pet events celebration. For more updates, you can visit our Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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