Waterproof Dog Coats that Keep Your Buddy Dry

The most important consideration should be size when shopping for waterproof dog coats. Because not all dog raincoats are made the same, your pet might be a small one in one coat and a big one in another, so it’s best to use the measurements of your dog as a guide to ending up with a perfect match. The ideal dog jacket is not meant to slide around the body or affect the ability of your dog to do business. And since many dogs object to clothes, they need to be confident enough to forget that they’re wearing it.

Having said that, we conducted our research for you and found some of the best waterproof coats for your dog!

  • Ruffwear Aira Waterproof Rain Jacket
  • Morezi Premium Outdoor Sport Waterproof Dog Jacket
  • Kurgo North Country Coat
  • Ellie Dog Wear Yellow Zip Up Dog Raincoat
  • PetCee Waterproof Dog Jacket
  • Zellar Dog Raincoat with Hood

1. Ruffwear Aira Waterproof Rain Coat

This durable and breathable dog rain jacket provides complete coverage of the shoulders knees and hindquarters of your dog without restricting movement. The design maximizes the elements ‘ protection and minimizes the risk of a wet, muddy dog ending up. Like the rest of the Ruffwear range, this waterproof raincoat is suitable for both hiking and regular use. Leg loops to ensure a safe fit in windy conditions, and side release buckles to make it easy to put on and off. Its non-insulated design makes it possible to use it in warm weather, but when it becomes a bit nippy it can be worn over insulating layers. It can be washed on a fast, gentle cycle in a vacuum as well.


2. Morezi Premium Outdoor Sport Waterproof Dog Coat

It’s a great choice for days when it’s a bit chilly outside. Morezi’s lightweight jacket has an outer layer water-resistant as well as a fluffy, fleecy inner layer that’s thick enough to keep your dog dry, but it’s not going to limit its movement. The Velcro straps will fit comfortably around the belly of the little gal to hold it on tightly, plus there’s a place to attach her harness. The light nature of this design means that it is a good option for dogs who do not like to wear clothes because they will definitely notice that they are wearing something. It can be machine washed and has a nice selection of colors, as well as seven sizes!


3. Kurgo North Country Coat

The Kurgo North Country coat has a waterproof exterior and is made of high-duty material for excellent protection in heavy rainstorms, wind and snow. The fleece-lined dog coat has a reflective lining for extra visibility and a strip of blinking LED lights. It also has a zip to allow you to access the harness or collar of your dog, and side release buckles to make it easy to put on and take off.


4. Ellie Dog Wear Yellow Zip Up Dog Raincoat

This classic yellow raincoat has it all: reflective buttons, several pockets, an adjustable drawstring, and a reversible hoodie. Its double-layered design includes a zip with additional buttons on the front of the raincoat that fasten over the top, making it a snug and stylish option. The coat is waterproof to keep your little buddy warm and dry under all weather conditions.


5. PetCee Waterproof Dog Coats

Even extra-large dogs should be able to fit in this waterproof PetCee dog coat thanks to a flexible design that allows better fitting for wide-ranging dogs, as well as flexible Velcro straps and sizing choices ranging from extra-small to 5XL. There is also a hole for your dog’s lead!


6. Zellar Dog Raincoat with Hood

This high-quality, hooded raincoat is available in three different colors for medium and larger dogs. It has an exterior layer 100% waterproof and breathable mesh lining to keep your dog dry and relaxed even in heavy rain. The waterproof dog coat comes with a pocket in which small items such as dog treats or poo bags can be securely placed. If necessary, it can be machine washed in a gentle cycle with cold water.


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