What Causes Sudden Blindness In Cats Due To Eye Infections?

Cats suffer from eye infections over time that resulted in pain and discomfort. Generally, eye infections are treatable but unfortunately not all the time. If eye infections remain untreated then this resulted in permanent blindness in cats. Therefore, cats suffering from blindness need veterinary attention. For further details related to blindness in cats due to eye infections, keep reading here at PetVet.

Blindness in cats due to untreated eye infections

Usually, eye infections are treatable but not all the time. If the eye infection remains untreatable then blindness in cats will be their ultimate future. Blindness in cats can be a very terrible situation. The eye infections can occur due to any eye injury. Due to injury foreign particles can invade in the eye. As a result of which blindness in cats occurs. Sometimes the infection can transfer from the mother via vaginal infection. Due to vaginal infection cats can suffer from an eye infection that causes lifetime blindness in cats.

Conjunctivitis an eye infection that can lead to blindness in cats. During conjunctivitis, the inflammation of the conjunctiva occurs. The outer surface of the eyeball is also covered by conjunctiva. When the conjunctiva becomes inflamed this will be difficult for the cat to view the world easily.

Different types of bacterial or viral diseases can affect a cat’s vision. These diseases can lead to eye infections that can cause sudden blindness.Feline herpesvirus cause conjunctivitis, as well as keratitis.

Causes of blindness in cats

There are different causes of blindness in cats. When blindness in cats develops very quickly then this will be difficult for cats to adapt according to the situation. Cats will be very disorientated and also confused. Some causes of sudden onset blindness include:

1.Optic neuritis

2.Hypertension(high blood pressure)

3.Diseases of the brain

4.Retina degeneration.

1.Optic neuritis

The optic nerve is related to vision This nerve is one of the cranial nerves that control eye movements. Different diseases are related to the optic nerve. One of the most common of which is optic neuritis. This nerve carries visual signals from the eyes to the brain. The inflammation of the optic nerve due to optic neuritis cause blindness in cats induced. To diagnose optic neuritis veterinarians will examine cat eyes with an ophthalmoscope. The veterinarian performs visual reflex tests and neurologic examination, blood tests, and x-rays, to find the cause. When optic neuritis affects both eyes, the pupils dilated. Due to which pupils do not respond to light and also resulted in sudden blindness in cats. Treatment of optic neuritis is based on controlling the underlying problem to decrease inflammation of the optic nerve. After treatment pupils will return to normal size. In addition, pupils will start to respond to light.

2.Hypertension (high blood pressure)

High BP cause blindness in cats. As a result of hypertension, the pressure on the vessels will increase. That can damage small vessels of the eye that lead to bleeding. Consequently, the retina becomes detached. The retinal detachment also creates hindrance in cat normal vision. This can also lead to blindness in cats. Hypertension may also cause bleeding towards the front of the eye which can be easily visible

A cat is considered hypertensive if its systolic blood pressure is above 160mm Hg. Hyperthyroidism and kidney failure have been identified as the two most common predisposing factors for the development of feline hypertension. 60% of cats with chronic kidney disease have hypertension. Likewise, heart diseases can also cause hypertension. The heart supplies the blood to all the body parts. Any infection or disease of the heart causes the narrowing of the arteries or veins. As a result, blood pressure increases that can be harmful to health.

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”Hypertension is more common in older cats, especially among obese cats.”

3.Diseases of the brain

Different brain diseases affect the brain functioning can lead to blindness in cats. The visual signals pass through the optic nerves to the brain. These signals are also processed within the brain. Most common factors that affect the cat vision include:


2.Inflammatory conditions


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4.Retinal degeneration

Just as with humans, cats can suffer from degeneration of the retina. Retina controls vision during day and night conditions. The retina contains cells called photoreceptors. There are two main photoreceptor cells of the retina. The rods that are more in number than cones in cats eye. Therefore, the cat night vision is better than humans due to the high concentration of rods. Retinal degeneration which is a slow process allows the cat to adjust their time due to reduced vision. Therefore, the retinal detachment leads to blindness consequently.

Microscopic view of retinal degeneration in cats

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