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A German Shepherd Husky Mix is one of the dog lovers among the most sought after for dog breeds. The name may seem confusing, but it is the crossbreed of German shepherd and Siberian husky.

When it comes to choosing an animal, the first to appear will be a dog. The number of dog breeds to choose from is extremely large. Every pet lover can get a dog suitable to their lifestyle and financial situation.

A Little More On The Parents

The German Shepherd is a breed reflective of the late 19th century. This dog breed has been used as herder-dogs.

A healthy German Shepherd would be smart, quick and strong too. But as years passed on, the need for breeder dogs decreased dramatically and thus the military and police continued to use the German Shepherds. The main reason for this is because these dogs are very trainable.

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The Siberia Husky is a breed that can stand the Siberian Arctic region’s harsh and extreme climates. These dogs also handle the hot climate. Like all dogs, this breed is a working animal and it considers the family as its pack.

The Qualities Inherited

The mix of both these talented dog breeds has led to even better development. The German shepherd Husky Mix acquired from its parent breeds almost all of the positive qualities. They are very friendly and obedient. This makes them a really happy dog in the family. At the same time, they are also exceptionally smart, powerful and loyal. All of these characteristics make it ideal for use as a working dog too. It can perform effectively in various fields such as the armed forces, cops, guarding, acting and much more.

Some Info About German Shepherd Husky Mix

The German shepherd husky mix has an average height of around 21 to 27 inches. This dog’s average weight is around 44-86 pounds. This dog would also have a double straight fur coat. They are highly tolerant of cold weather but are not so fond of extreme temperatures. The German shepherd husky mix also has a shedding issue just like nearly all dogs with fur coats. The dog’s trainability is truly high. Actually this characteristic is the one that attracts the lovers of pets to this breed.

The Digital World Is The Best Place To Start Your Search

Finding a puppy of the right breed has become very easy with the advent of the internet. A simple search in a search engine would open you up to a lot of websites maintained by breeders, Lancaster puppies one of the most famous ones. You can get your dog delivered to your home. But that’s not always a smart decision.

The best way to do that is to use the internet to find a breeder near you and then meet him personally. Because the dog will be with you for quite a long period, make sure you take some time to select.

Make sure the breeder is a trustworthy one, and the puppy gets all the medications needed. Even if the price is a bit high, purchasing from a known and respected breeder would be safer. A German shepherd husky mix averages around 300 to 750 USD.

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