Which Pigeon Food Is Better In Different Climates?


Pigeon is a loving bird and nowadays pigeon food is a major health issue all around the entire world. People don’t know how to give diet to their pigeon in different climates and this affects your bird’s health. Moreover, if you don’t know how to change diet in different climates then you must deal with your veterinarian.

Most of the time if we think about the world climate, so two seasons are common everywhere summer and winter. So, let’s talk about pigeon food like what is important in summer and winter.


The best food to offer during summer includes many types of seeds like pigeon food milo and millet. Use a smaller amount of cracked corn and small pieces of grains. Wheat is good for all kinds of birds but has a smaller quantity of nutrition for pigeons.

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Don’t give your pigeon any type of fruit because they don’t like it they just only like to eat seeds or grains. So, you can give them fruit seeds like apricot seeds, guava seeds, and many other seeds of different fruits.


Another mix diet for pigeon food during winter is sunflower seeds, sunflower hearts, pumpkin seeds and nuts of all kinds such as almond and peanut. This type of food makes them warm and healthy in winter. If your pigeon is not feeling well with this diet then you have to concern with pet doctors and tell them their problem.

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Is Suet Is Healthy Pigeon Food?

In winter birds need more calories to burn to stay warm.  Suet is a very high source of pigeon food because it contains only fat that has 9 c/g as compared to 4 c/g for carbohydrates and protein. Another popular healthy diet for birds like pigeon is peanut butter and it is more expensive than suet. So, the last thing, which is the black oil seeds, the most common and important feed for all kinds of birds.

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