Whippet - Dog - Breed

Whippet Dog Breed – Personal Traits And Temperament

This article is being written to give you complete information about the Whippet Dog Breed. We will discuss how the whippet dog breed is actually a pet. This will also give you assistance to know deeply about the personality of a whippet dog breed.

Whippet Dog Breed

The Whippet Dog Breed is a sighthound bred. This dog breed is typically used for running and chasing games. According to the Akc standards, “the whippet dog breed is friendly, gentle and capable of great intensity during sporting pursuits”. The physical appearance of the whippet dogs is similar to the greyhounds and these dogs belong to the sighthound family.

Whippet Dogs were recognized as individual dogs in the 18th century. These dogs were initially used for small hunting games like hunting rabbits and rats. Normally whippets love running games and they also require exercise on a daily basis. The Whippet Dogs can run 35mph.

Physical Appearance – Whippet Dog Breed

Whippet Dog Breed have very unique looks. Normally Kennels Clubs describe them as  ‘balance of muscularity with neatness, power with elegance’. The body of this dog breed is cylindrical in shape with a deep chest, and long legs. Have ears semi-upright turned over the at the tip.

All sighthounds like Whippet Dog Breed have long face. The size of the whippet dog breed is 19 inches to 22 inches in males and females are lying between 18 to 21 inches. The maximum body size of the whippet dog ranges between 25 and 40lb.

Personality Facts

The whippet dogs breed can be destructive by nature especially when they are small puppies but adult whippets are quiet calm and peace-loving by nature. They are very polite with strangers and do not bark on any stranger that’s why they are not good watchdogs.

Whippet- Dog -Breed

Generally, the whippet dogs are a little bit stubborn but at the same time, they are very sensitive too. These dogs are very sweet and joyful by nature. They also like to play with children.

Fast Facts Of Whippet Dog Breed

Origin: England

Breed’s Orignal Pastime: Running, Hunting

Average Lifespan: Almost 12 years

Body Colors: White, Black, Brown

Akc Ranking: 59

Family: Sighthound

Whippet Dog Breed Frame Of Mind

The whippet breed is a very sweet-natured and fun-loving dog breed. They are not aggressive. They like to play and sit with children and they are not harmful to your children if you keep them as a pet. These dogs like snug up on your chair and on your bed. These dogs happily greet new friends and strangers. Whippets are the small haired dog breed so they do not like to stay outdoor without outdoor dog kennels.

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Exercise Routine

As we know the Whippet dog is physically slenderized and very active so they demand daily exercise to maintain their activeness. To keep your whippet dog active physically and mentally you will have to make a garden or a fenced yard.

Whippet - Dog - Breed

Whippet Dog Breed Quality Of Life

Whippet Dog Breed is quite active and healthy as compared to the other purebred but there are some issues that affect its lifespan.

Here we will discuss some of the issues which can cause the shorten the lifespan of the whippet dogs.

  • Anesthesia
  • Anxiety
  • Cold Sensitivity
  • Vision

1. Anesthesia

The most important aspect that can affect the quality of life of the whippet dog is an Anesthesia. In whippets, anesthesia has very severe and adverse effects. They can be prone to hypothermia or hyperthermia while they are facing anesthesia.

2. Anxiety

Anxiety can also be a cause to shorten the lifespan of the whippet dog breed. You can prevent your dog from this severe disease if you find a partner for your whippet dog. Having a pair of whippet dog can increase the lifespan of your dog.

If you are going out for more then a few hours, you can leave your Whippet in a doggy daycare to prevent anxiety and provide your Whippet valuable socialization.

3. Cold Sensitivity

As a whippet dog is a short-haired dog breed and in winter they feel very cold. Due to this sensitivity, you cannot leave your pet outside. Too much freezy cold is quiet tuff for your whippets even inside of the house.

4. Vision

Whippets are also prone to vision problems, like cataracts, progressive retinal atrophy, and corneal dystrophy. These conditions are not painful, but only cataracts have the potential to be cured.

Don’t rearrange furniture, leave large objects in unexpected places, or close doors that are usually open.

Here are some important physical and other aspects of the famous whippet dog breed. We also discussed his quality of life and some health issues. To know more about the temperaments and its health issues if you are planning to buy this dog for your family you can contact us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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