Whippet Dog Breed Vs Italian Greyhounds: Facts And Personality Traits


In this article, we will discuss and deeply study the whippet dog breed vs Italian Greyhounds. We will discuss what is actually the whippet dogBre? We will also discuss briefly what are the Italian Greyhounds? And how whippet dogs differ from Italian Grehounds? In the scenario of Whippet Dog Vs Italian Grehounds, We will further know about their facts and personality traits individually.

Whippet Dog Breed Origin

In whippet Dog Vs Italian Greyhounds, the Whippet dog is the medium size. The whippet dog is originated in England. They were developed by the crossing of greyhounds with smaller terriers. The result of this cross is the sleek, shiny and beautiful dog known as whippet dog. Whippet Dogs is also considered as a pet as well as belongs to greyhounds. You can use Whipped Dog Breed for small haunting activities as well. Using small hunting activities does not mean you can use big hunting tasks because whippet dog is a pet.

Italian Greyhounds Origin

In Whippet Dog Breed Vs Italian Greyhounds, the Italian Greyhounds have originated in Italy about 2000 years ago. They were normally small in size and that breed is an incident breed. This breed was a companion animal.

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Whippet Dog Breed Vs Italian Greyhound

1. Physical Appearance

In Whippet Dog Breed Vs Italian Greyhounds, the Whippets are famous for its speed. His legs are long and calendrical in shape. Whereas the Italian Greyhounds have small slender graceful build. They have narrow heads and their ears are erect and slightly bent forward.

1. Size of Whippet Dog

Here we will discuss the size whippet dogs according to the weight range and height.

Weight Range

  • The Height of Male Whippet Dog Breed is the 25-40 lbs.
  • The Height of Female Whippets is Female the 20-35 lbs.


  • The Height of the Male Whippet is 21 inches.
  • The Height of the Female Whippet is 20 inches.
2. Size of Italian Greyhound

Here we will elaborate the size of Italian Greyhounds according to the weight range and their height.

Weight Range

  • The Weight range of Male Italian Greyhound is 7-14 lbs.
  • The Weight range of Female Italian Greyhounds is 7-14 lbs.


In Whippet Dog Vs Italian Greyhounds the height of the Italian Greyhounds is the same for both males and females. That is 14 inches.

2. Personality Traits

1. Maintenance

While talking about Whippet Dog breed Vs Italian Greyhounds, Whippets has thin, sleek coats and when it comes to grooming needs they are easy to maintain. Whereas in Italian Greyhounds, When it comes to grooming, they have a relatively low maintenance cost.

2. Health Issues

In Whippet Dog Breed Vs Italian Greyhounds, Italian Greyhounds have a life expectancy of 10-12 years while a Whippet can live between 12-15 years. Generally, Whippet dog is healthy but may suffer from eye problems, deafness or von Willebrand’s Disease, a disorder that stops the blood from clotting properly.

Whereas the Italian Greyhounds are also quite healthy breeds but can suffer from hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism is a hormone issue that can cause symptoms ranging from lethargy to hair loss, osteosarcoma (bone cancer) and hip dysplasia.

Both Greyhounds and Whippet Dog Breed have a sensitivity to anesthesia so be sure to check with your vet before arranging any surgery your pooch might need. They can also suffer from poor dental health so ensure to brush their teeth regularly to keep their pearly whites sparkling.

In general Whippet, Dog breed looks similar to the Italian greyhounds but when you deeply study and observe their characteristics they have somehow major differences regarding their health issues and their personality traits. For any query related to these breeds, you can contact us on Facebook and Twitter.

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