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“The Kennel club Standard says the Whippet dog breed is friendly, polite, gentle, but capable of great strength during sporting efforts”.

Of course, the Whippet looks like a little Greyhound. All breeds are members of the sighthound breed, which by detecting movement and running the unfortunate animal down rapid speed targets prey animals (rats, rabbits, etc.)

The Whippet is lovely-natured and obedient yet athletic and energetic. Whippets enjoy running games every day and need brief bursts of moderate exercise. The area must be fenced because this thoroughbred breed is the fastest dog of its weight: it can run up to a speed of 35 km / h.

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Whippet puppies can be playful and aggressive, but indoors, adults are quiet, undemanding and unobtrusive, trotting around with a light-footed, quick grace and never making a peep.

At an early age, the Whippet, polite with random people. He is peaceful with other dogs but has a high prey drive and smaller pets can not be trusted. Whippets are very aggressive but very receptive too. They only respond favorably to calm, optimistic methods of training which emphasize praise and food.

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Is Whippet dog breed right for you?

A Whippet might be perfect for you. If you do not want to do that …

  • Providing a safe environment where it can sometimes gallop
  • The strong instinct to pursue other living creatures
  • Anxiety and shyness when they are not sociable enough
  • The independent mentality on “what’s in it for me?”
  • Emotional sensitivity to stress and sudden changes in the schedule

Few concerns regarding Whippet dog breed

1. Ensure enough exercise Whippets do not need kilometers of running, but they also cannot cope during everyday walks in the area. They need regular access to a large fenced area – fenced because these dogs chase addicts with sharp eyes in order to move. If something attracts their attention on the horizon, they will take off and not come back.

2. Chase other running animals – Whippets are usually fine with animals in their own family. However, they are instant, and individuals with a strong instinct of prey can seriously hurt or kill any small animal.

3. Providing sufficient socialization – Generally standoffish, Whippets require extensive exposure to people and unfamiliar sights and sounds. Otherwise, their normal caution can grow into social anxiety, which is hard to live with.

4. Emotional sensitivity – Be frank … Are there problems in your house? Do people feel loud or angry or emotional? Whippets are peaceful dogs that are very stress-sensitive and need a peaceful, harmonious home.

Here are some important physical and other aspects of the famous whippet dog breed. We also discussed his quality of life. To know more about the temperaments and its health issues if you are planning to buy this dog for your family you can contact us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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