White German Shepherd Dogs – Everything You Need To Know

Americans know German Shepherd Dogs very well. They are the second most popular dog breed nationwide from the AKC (American Kennel Club). When Americans think of German Shepherd Dogs (GSDs), the picture color varieties of sand, black-and-silver, solid black, black-and-red, and black-and-tan. However, a controversial white coat trait, called the White German Shepherd Dog, is rarely discussed.

History of White German Shepherd Dogs

German Shepherds come from Germany, where they are called Deutsche Schäferhunde. Captain Max von Stephanitz created a kennel club for German shepherd dogs in 1889 that included white varieties in the show ring and whelping box. Many years later, from the original GSD breed standard, the white variety was extinguished. How and who started removing white GSDs from the gene pool, we don’t know exactly, but history points to the Nazis.

Are White GSDs Albinos?

Actually, puppies from the White German Shepherd are not albinos. Surprisingly, the recessive gene of the White GSD does not cause albinism. In the GSD breed, white GSDs have dark mouth pigment, dark-colored eyes, and normal health problems.

While White GSDs keep popping up within a litter, responsible dog breeders eliminate them from their breeding populations by putting them in pet homes that will spay and neutralize them. The breeders are not willing to take the risk, so white GSDs are disqualified from the show ring.

Things have changed a little, however, it seems that the whole breed club was created entirely for white German Shepherds.

Are White GSDs Different?

No. In short, this white breed requires the same dog training, health and care as any German Shepherd. They are a medium and large dog that needs daily exercise, mental stimulation and care, like other GSDs.

Remember that white is just a variety of coat colors and not another breed. White German Shepherds are similar to German Shepherd Dogs except that they are a white version.

Where To Find White German Shepherds?

Personally, there is no very respectable White GSD Club or organization that follows very strict standards of dog breeding. Strict breeding practices ensure that health checks are necessary for all dogs used for breeding. They’re never going to be bred if they don’t pass. In addition, dogs must be older than 2 years before they are bred.

If you are interested in buying a white GSD, it is best to get in touch with reputable German Shepherd Dog breeders and inquire for a white coat puppy.

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