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Normally people know about German Shepherd Husky Mix, Black GSD, White GSD but what about the White Swiss Shepherds? Most of us do not know this dog breed. Are they really good pets? How much they differ from White German Shepherd? In this article, we will try to check all the aspects where White German Shepherd may differ from the white swiss shepherd?

White German Shepherd Husky Mix At Glance

Unlike other dog breeds of German Shepherds, white German Shepherds are not commonly existing dog breeds. Its origin is the white coat-lines of the German Shepherds. For complete guidance about the White German Shepherd, you can read this article White German Shepherds on our Petvet site.

White Swiss Shepherd At Glance

The white swiss shepherd also knew as the ” Berger Blanc Suisse”, is a dog breed belonging to the German Shepherd Family. This dog was initially found in Switzerland. White swiss shepherds are fairly new recognized breed and famous for easy to train.

Similarities – White German Shepherd Husky Mix & White Swiss Shepherd

Here we will elaborate on some similar points of white German Shepherd Husky Mix and White swiss shepherds.

1. Nature

Like GS Husky, white German Shepherds are also very alert, and protective.

2. Physic

Like White German Shepherd Husky Mix breeds, The Swiss Shepherds are also a very strong, powerful and well-muscled dog.

3. Temperament

The temperament of White German Shepherd Husky Mix is similar to the White Swiss Shepherd. Both dog breeds demand the attention of the family and these dogs are good as pets.

4. FCI Group Affiliation

Both Dog breeds are officially affiliated with the FCI group.

5. Grooming Efforts

Both White German Shepherd Husky and White Swiss Shepherd need not very high grooming and not very low. They demand average grooming efforts.

6. Hair Shedding Issue

Both dog breeds face hair shedding issue and both are heavy shedders.

7. Coat Color

Coat Color of both dog breeds has the same. White German Shepherds & White Swiss Shepherd both have white coats.

8. Fitness Issues

Bloat, Degenerative Spinal Stenosis, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Hip, and Elbow Dysplasia, Degenerative Myelopathy and Von Willebrand Disease are the fitness issues of white german Shepherd.

Dis-similarities – White German Shepherd Husky & White Swiss

Now we will try to explore some dis-similarities between these two dog breeds. The overall look is quite the same but we will where they differ from each other.

1. Group

White German Shepherds belong to the Herding group. White Swiss Shepherd belongs to the working group.

2. Akc Group Affiliation

Both dog breeds are affiliated with the Akc Group.

3. Price

The price range of White German Shepherds puppy is $300 to $900 whereas the price of the white swiss shepherds is up to $1300.


Here we have explained about two breeds of German Shepherds named as white German shepherd husky and the White swiss mix. For more info and updates about any pets, you can visit our Facebook page. You can also fallow us on Twitter and Pinterest as well.


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